Starlight - Isadora Rose, Kate Monroe

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...


So, Starlight was my third book by Isadora Rose. Can’t say I was all that impressed.

A jaded Ton widow, who was emotionally abused by her deceased husband, starts an affair with an equally, if not more, jaded French Count, said to be one of the worst rakes out there at that time in the story. He was even rumored to have deflowered said Widow’s cousin and then, left her to fend for herself, making the Widow determined that she’d never give into his so-called ‘legendary charm’. Easier said than done I guess, so when they came together in a country house-party, they jumped into bed... like, in 2 days into the introduction. The Count was more up front about the affair, as in, he wanted to f*ck her, though the Widow played a little hard-to-get for a while. All of those 2 days (setting my eyes rolling).

Either way, I knew what the end result would be even before it started. After a week of hot sex, as was their initial deal, they decide that they have fallen in love. Et voilà, let’s get married and make this a lifetime! (note: none had any interest in marriage prior to this)

Right. I would’ve believed in it, if I cared for the H and h or thought that people that jaded can actually fall in love only after 7 days of vigorous sex.

Anyway, to make long story short, the first half was rather meh, the last half alright. I liked the writing so I kept on reading. 3 stars.

I still believe that the author has the ability to write better stuff, as I really enjoyed The Master's Lessons and recommend it.