Mafia Captive

Mafia Captive - Kitty Thomas

Apparently, Kitty Thomas's stories aren't for me. I picked this up when I was still absolutely buzzing from another mafia-themed erotica and thought why not this one since I had this on my TBR for long? Then I spend the whole time trying to like anything about the storyline or the characters, over and over again. Unfortunately, there was nothing that I can recommend about this book. The story had no rhythm or rhyme, and the characters, especially the 'hero'... Oh boy! No thanks. I don't like to think myself as a prude but he had no redeeming qualities IMO, especially the OW situation was grating on my nerves so much that at times I wanted to kick on his nuts!!!!



Aka his other subs that he'd bring in his home, and engage with, to taunt the heroine... also that one particular crazy b*tch I couldn't stand at all.



Maybe I just expected way too much.