His for Christmas

His for Christmas - Skye Warren

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

I was looking for a Christmas-themed story when I found out about His for Christmas by Skye Warren. Since I never say ‘no’ to this author’s books, I went ahead. It was a typical novella-length story about two lonely souls (or so I thought) who harbored secrets, that, exposed, could destroy their lives.

Angel, has just gotten out of prison. She needs a job real bad, and ASAP. Unfortunately, each time she’d mention her prison time in the application, no reply would ever come. Desperate, Angel finally decides to skirt around the truth. And only then she gets a temp job just before Christmas. She’s going to be temping for the Big Bad Billionaire, Gage Thompson; a handsome, rich and undoubtedly ruthless man. His success sings his brilliance, portrays his determination. Angel doesn’t know what to expect since she has no experience whatsoever.

It’s on her first day at work is when Angel has a very different kind of experience with her boss which changes her life. No, it was nothing sadistic or horrible, yet it wasn’t… normal either. Angel is uncomfortable, yet aroused and curious by this whole experience. She needs to know more about her enigmatic boss, for now that she’d tasted it, she craves his touch even more. But Gage has his own skeleton in the closet that has shaped his sexuality in a way that can never be termed as ‘normal’. His needs can never be satiated by a ‘normal’ relationship which is why he, as far as I felt, would stay celibate unless it’s with individuals who knew what to expect from him.

When they finally come together, they can’t help but act on their mutual attraction. But can Angel give Gage what he wants, needs, to satisfy his cravings?

Well, first of all, I did love the premise. It was interesting as per any Skye Warren story. It wasn’t as dark as some of her other writings though it definitely could’ve been if it wasn’t so short. I didn’t mind that it was as dark but I would’ve loved if it was fleshed out a bit more. Because of its length, there was no description of Angel or Gage’s past but only a few hints here and there that left me more discontented, even confused at times. Sex was simply hot, and I wanted more.

I always know to expect the unexpected in SW’s books so their romance didn’t feel rushed in that sense, though the time-frame was very short. Just wished there was more, that’s all. His for Christmas ends in an HFN vibe, as it was rather the beginning of Angel and Gage’s relationship. 3 stars.