Take Me: Twelve Tales of Dark Possession - Jenika Snow, Lynda Chance, Skye Warren, Shay Savage, Amber Lin, Anna Zaires, Gemma James, Pam Godwin, Pepper Winters, Dima Zales, CD Reiss, Shari Slade, Kendall Ryan

I just won a copy of this book from a facebook page giveaway hosted by author Skye Warren. It seems that she and Amber Lin are the two authors I've read from this collection. Also read a short novella from Jenika Snow a while ago, so I guess she counts too.


Trust in Me is an old release by Skye Warren, which I've read previously. I've heard there's supposed to be some new materials, including a prologue and an epilogue. However after reading Don't Let Go, I'm not sure I wanna revisit what Carlos was capable of.

I'd like to check out the other stories later.