Jenna in the Midwest

Jenna in the Midwest - Alison   Shaw

Jenna in the Midwest (Jenna #1) is a short novella with a twist. Our girl Jenna is... let's say, very sexually active and doesn't care to be with one man only. She comes to a new town and starts shagging the moment she drives in... on the road when her car breaks down and a hunk stops by to help her.


From there, with Jake, a young dude and said hunk, then his friend Ryan, then with Jake+Ryan... then the doctor, the Mayor, Jenna has no shortage of male 'companionship'. Unfortunately for Jenna, the Mayor turns out to be Ryan's dad but... but, our Jenna has scruples people, she stops 'seeing' Ryan the moment she gets involved with his dad, the dirty talking a$$hole. :p

Though her ultimate obsession was her boss (she's a journalist FFS, though not sure where she makes the time to work after the vigorous schedule she sets for herself that doesn't involve any real work) John who is, er, married with kids. She makes it her mission to seduce him but thankfully, he catches himself at the last moment before cheating on his wife. Bummer for Jenna, who'd fantasize about him all day and f*ck other guys, as mentioned before, at night... and other times.

But it changes when the Mayor gives her the shagging of her life (that says a lot, seeing how experienced our h was). She gets completely absorbed in him, even OMG, having only one man for a while, which is practically abnormal for our Jenna!

Just when you think she's going to be tamed by one man, uber sexy and bi, Wolfe walks in; Wolfe, who has a past history with Mr. Mayor, aka Mac...

Hmm, I wonder what's next.

Have to say, I love Alison Shaw's writing. Jenna would never be my role model but damn the sex scenes were HOT!

PS: this is a freebie, so if you want something quick and dirty, might be up your ally. ;) Jenna's journey has only just begun.