Jenna's Grand Tour

Jenna's Grand Tour - Alison   Shaw

Book 2 of Jenna series takes us back to the 'journey' of our sexually adventurous heroine Jenna, who, we find this time, is shagging her way through Europe.

If you hadn't read the first book, Jenna in the Midwest, Jenna is a journalist, though not sure where she finds the time to do anything related to journalism, seeing how she spends her time doing quickies in every nook and cranny of wherever.

When book 1 ended, she was already in an open relationship with a guy named Wolfe, who is bi and loves boasting about his own 'adventures' to whoever would hear. Since he's now back home, Jenna is free to do whatever... The author doesn't disappoint as the story starts and we find Jenna traveling by train, starting her journey with a quickie with a complete stranger... in the train's bathroom. She was thrilled because on top of a being well-endowed, the stranger was also married. You go girl!

In Jenna's Grand Tour, Jenna travels thru Europe on assignments to do interviews on famous people such as a celebrated French cook, a gorgeous Italian actor, a rock star who is also an ex-bf, so on and so forth, sleeping with each of them in the process. But her problem begins when this fluidly French speaking hot-as-hell British photographer, Sean, who was send to work with her, arrives. It's because, though she can't ignore the temptation of a new d!ck here and there, Sean is a different matter entirely. He's the possessive kind, definitely not the type she's generally used to; the 'sharing' kind. He gives her all sorts of delicious heebie jeebies with his hot accent, hotter body and that panty melting look! Of course, she had to have him, and he was very accommodating on that matter, even knowing about her 'adventures'.

I won't go further into that mess of a 'relationship', if I can even call it that. I thought Sean was hot too, though would never what he saw in Jenna, really. It seemed Jenna was becoming fond of his possessive attitude in a way that she found completely contradictory to her free nature. Was she really feeling the need to be possessed by one man only? Could Sean be that man for her? I didn't know what to think, yet found myself being sorely disappointed in Sean when in the end it's revealed that he's married. Ironically, this time that information doesn't bring the usual thrill in our heroine. It's replaced with what I can only assume is jealousy and anger. The thought actually depresses Jenna so much that she goes about forgetting Sean the way she knows best; shagging some guy she'd been with before. *tsk tsk tsk*

Lord knows what the next installment brings forth... I can't imagine what Wolfe would think of this little drama! *sigh*