Drive Him Wild

Drive Him Wild (THE BILLIONAIRE AND THE POP DIVA Volume 2) - Eve Montelibano

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Oook, so Vol. 2 of Eve Montelibano’s The Billionaire and the Pop Diva series, Drive Him Wild was... good. I liked Vol. 1 but I thought Vol. 2 is where it’d end, which it apparently won’t. Well, I’m not amused.

If you wanna read about all the shenanigans about a famous Pop Diva trying to pop her long overdue cherry, start with The Billionaire and the Pop Diva. It had a hilarious blurb that made me grab it.

Pop star Valenna Jones, a former of Mickey Mouse Club, has had this chastity vow that she took it to heart when she was in her teens and was still a member of said group. All her former club members who took that vow with her of course didn’t stick around but for some weird reason Valenna did. Now years after a pruning cherry, a couple of ex-bfs who failed to convince her to let them pop it no matter and heartbreaks, Valenna decides it’s time she gets rid of it. And so it happens, our Pop Diva goes about it as befitting one; auctioning her cherry to the bidder of her liking! But she had a good intention behind this. Valenna would donate the money to her charity.

Valenna wanted to go about the whole matter as business-like as possible. But when she meets the highest bidder she knew it’s going to be difficult to keep it that way. He’s not only young and hot, he’s none other than Gianefranco Zoldatti, the uber-rich race-car tycoon and the owner of Impero di Zoldatti!

Giane is as rich as Croesus and won’t hear a ‘no’. And why would he? Money has brought him everything... almost. And so he’ll have this cherry he wants so much! His persuasion and their subsequent secret meeting goes so well that Valenna decides he must be the man; her cherry-popper.

Who knew cherry-popping business can be so entertaining!

In this installment, nothing much happens, except for the inevitable aka the epicenter of all the hullabaloo. Giane and Valenna go about their mutual business, as mentioned above, with much gusto. Giane being the owner of one ‘Apollo 11’ had Valenna a little worried. And I’m happy to report that though her measurement skill wasn’t as good, Giane passed with flying colors! He’s now her ‘cherry popping hero’. :p In fact, it went so well that now they’re planning more of the same activities that surely means spending more time together; something none had in mind when they signed up for this whole shenanigan. Which also means they’re having feelings for each-other that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Oh dear!

I genuinely thought this will be the end of this series. While it’s good news I get to read more of Giane and Valenna, I also don’t like serials being dragged this way where I have to wait for months. I couldn’t find the trace of a Vol. 3 which is not good news for me. I hope this is not the case here as I’m quite enjoying this series. 3 stars.