My Heart Belongs to You

My Heart Belongs to You (Medieval Romance Trilogy Book 3) - Leigh Bale

I had read the first 2 books in this series and enjoyed, which is why I decided on continuing. Loved the H, Nicholas. However, can't say the same about the h, Ysabelle. She irritated me to no end, especially every time she'd let herself get influenced by her troublemaker old nanny who couldn't stand Nicholas at all; even when everything in front of Ysabelle indicated otherwise. The nanny did her utmost best to make Ysabelle hate him. Thankfully, it didn't work in the end. Either way, Nicholas deserved better without a doubt. After so much melodrama from both Ysabelle and the nanny, I'd say he was a saint to have borne it all without losing it completely.


Note that previous installments are not connected to each-other in any other way but the fact that they're all set in the Medieval-era. Like the rest, this was also a clean romance.