The Earl's Dilemma

The Earl's Dilemma - Emily May

3 stars. Not essentially because of the author's writing but because of the character(s).

James is the type of hero who'd never garner much respect from me no matter what. He might have come close but the author didn't even try very hard to make him all that likable, so his and Kate's interactions throughout the story not only felt forced, strained but also, rather amateurish. As a result, his sudden change of perspective where Kate was concerned in about 3 weeks of spending time felt somewhat unbelievable. Unlike The Unmasking of a Lady, which was excellent, here there wasn't enough grovel for the crap James spewed about Kate in the beginning of the story (Kate too plain, too old, too desperate so would jump to his offer... which was also a result of desperation if I might add because he needed to marry ASAP to keep his fortune in the family and Kate was convenient according to him). I wonder how Harry, her brother, could sit there and not give him a sound thrashing!


Kate, m'dear girl, I'd give a man like that wide berth, but guess you're the one in love with him, I'm not. *shrugs*

The ending was also unsatisfactory, to say the least. At this point, no full review but I may write one someday...