Possess (anthology): Saint by Lana Grayson

Possess - An Alpha Romance Anthology - Jordan Marie, Cleo Peitsche, Rebecca Yarros, Cora Brent, Lana Grayson, Joanna  Blake, Winter Renshaw, D.G. Whiskey

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...


Review and rating (4 stars) ONLY for Lana Grayson’s novella “Saint”. I havent read any other story from this anthology, so the overall rating may change if/when I do!

I’ve become such a fan of Lana Grayson’s Anathema MC series, so it’s no wonder I had to check out this anthology containing a very surprising (at least for me) Anathema MC novella called Saint. I remember him a little from book 1 but didn’t think he’d have a chance of telling his own story. Well, surprising or not, I loved it!

I’d recommend not reading this novella out of order, for you may find some confusing bits of info and spoilers in it. If you start with the Anathema MC novels, from book 1, Warlord, you also get to meet all the characters! To my estimation, this novella falls right after Warlord, when the story of Exiled, book 2, was still not completely realized. Why am I saying this? Well, you just have to read and figure it out for yourself. ;)

Now Saint or Gold as he’s called, is the treasurer of Anthema MC. He was a minor secondary character in book 1. Unfortunately, I had forgotten about him until I started this novella. But the whole arc of the plot and storyline of this series came rushing back once I did.

Gold is in a bad relationship with a stripper of Anathema MC’s bar called the Sorceress. He didn’t want to be in this relationship all that much except for no strings sex. However, when the girl came to him and informed she’s pregnant, he couldn’t just drop her. Besides, even though he was hesitant about the whole matter first, little Silver has already lightened Gold’s bleary world with her baby gurgles and smiles. Sadly, that can’t be said about Alexis. She’s more and more getting under the influence of drug and becoming a neglectful mother. It took a drastic turn one day, as we find Saint coming home from days of running “errands” for Anathema, only to find Silver crying on the top of her lungs, hungry, wet... hell, she hasn’t even been cleaned up for who knows how many days! Then he finds Alexis had also cheated on him and that was the last straw for Gold. He finally has had enough, so he up and leaves, leaving a kicking and screaming Alexis behind.

Sounds cruel but trust me it wasn’t. She had it coming! Did you think she’d just let him just walk away? Oh no, she went and tried to stab Gold, injuring him on one arm. So yah, she had it coming. After leaving that trailer, Gold somehow manages to get to Anathema’s prez, Thorne’s house to leave Silver with Rose, his girlfriend. Then Gold knew only one place where he can turn to, even if the person would be irritated at him. Hopefully she won’t ignore him even though she had every right to do just that.

Annie is the daughter of an old, now deceased, Anathema MC member. But she has tried her best to stay away from all that MC business and the danger that inevitably comes with it. She has gone to school, studied and trained as a vet. She loves animals, even has her own little chamber in her home. Annie thought she had her life planned out nicely. Never did she expect to find Gold in front of her house one day, in the middle of the night, dripping blood from his shoulder. Damn!

Annie and Gold had known each-other since they were teenagers. Gold was probably a bit older than her so the relationship, whatever it was, didn’t go far. Annie was totally a goner; she was absolutely in “crush” with him. Gold was attracted to her too, but the time just wasn’t right. Over the years, somehow they keep slipping away from each-other for one reason or the other. Gold even joined the army and was away for a long time. Annie tried to move with new relationships but she couldn’t forget Gold. When the opportunity finally came a year or so ago, Gold and Annie were both single again... or so Gold thought because Alexis returned the same time to inform Gold that their months ago “fun night” has resulted in a pregnancy. Annie could nothing to do but watch Gold walking away.

Right now, Annie doesn’t want him anywhere near her. She was hurt, disappointed. Looking at him only makes her think of what could’ve been, if only.... She, at first, tries to ignore him but when he’s dripping blood all over her porch, how can she turn him away? Annie knew instinctively that he’s in some kinda trouble and letting him in means bringing that trouble to her doorstep. But tell that to her poor heart! So, she not only lets him in, fixes him up but chats up with him inspite of herself. Then she also finds out that Gold has just became single again; this time for good. But why should Annie care? Well, it was apparent that she cared very much.

Despite all her doubts and misgivings, this meeting, alongside her introduction to cute little Silver paves the way for Annie to get to know Gold even better. She already knew he was hotter than ever, but knowing that he’s an amazingly devoted father only served in intensifying her long buried feelings. Then there was the fact that Gold finally acknowledged that he’d always wanted her and if fate hadn’t put so many obstacles, they’d be together long ago. This time, Gold means to be with her for once and for all, if only she’d give him a chance.

However, trouble comes calling, turning all of Annie’s apprehension and nightmares into reality. She knew that the members of The Coup will find them. This enmity has been going on for so long, with so many dead, yet either side doesn’t wanna back off. They’d already tried to hurt Gold, thanks to Alexis who has shacked up with one of them and put that a$$hole on Gold for taking Silver. But the question was, will this jeopardize Annie’s newfound relationship with Gold once again? Most importantly, will they be able to get out of this latest mess alive? Annie doesn’t know but she knows Gold will keep her and Silver safe no matter what.

Saint was sweet and hot and lovely; a total package. What I also loved was the fact that I didn’t feel that “something missing” vibe that novellas usually give me. Annie and Gold’s relationship felt complete, though I’d have loved to see more of them together. Well, I hope to see them in future installments!


This novella only whetted my appetite for the newest Anathema MC novel (long time coming if I might add), Knight. Love the world of Anathema MC and can’t wait to find out what happens next! I’m not a huge MC novel fan, so that says something, doesn’t it? 4 stars.