Highlander Bride Freedom

Highlander Bride Freedom: (Scottish Erotic Tale #3) (Scottish Erotic Tales) - Lynda Belle, Claudette Cruz

This is not a series... the whole 3 "parts" (including Highlander Bride Taken and Highlander Bride Seduction) read more like an excerpt of a novel, each containing 15 pages at max. The author writes well but misleading the readers for a series and pricing each at $2.99? Not recommended.

Plus, though I didn't mind much considering the situation, there is cheating in this story; a trope I, in general, despise. The h is married off to the old and doddering laird and continues to sleep with the H, who is the nephew, since the "wedding night". Theirs was a very unconvincing love at first sight. The author made no effort to make me believe in their so-called romance. A few shag here and there doesn't make me a believer, even for erotica.