Queen of Lost Stars

Queen of Lost Stars: Dragonblade/House of St. Hever - Kathryn Le Veque

3.5 stars.... so, Queen of Lost Stars was a good read. I mainly read it for a theme that the author used isn't always found in historical romances (hinted in the blurb). I wanted to check it out to see how it worked here. TBH I had no problems with it, but if you're squeamish and find this "not ok", then I won't recommend this book to you. I can only tell you that the reasons behind it seemed valid and there was nothing titillating or taboo about how the whole relationship between Madelayne and Kaspian was portrayed. It was a love story, that simple. It doesn't even have that many sex scenes so I won't even categorize this story under erotica.

There were some OTT moments, especially in the end but I largely enjoyed it. The title of the story has a significance which is explained as you read it. Recommended if you're looking for something slightly predictable but a good medieval romance read.

My first book by Kathryn Le Veque and it won't be my last. I mean to check out this whole Dragonblade/St. Haver family series to know more about Kaspian's family and ancestors.


PS: did I mention I thought the cover was really nice too? :D