Scarred Hearts

Scarred Hearts - Bonnie Dee

3.5 stars. Short and sweet historical romance by Bonnie Dee with a favorite theme of mine... :) Two seemingly lost souls, Shadow and Lettie, both by circumstances of their birth, find each-other when they were least expecting it.

Samuel, or Shadow as he's called by his boisterous and troublemaker family, is a WWI veteran who returned home scarred and hopeless. To say his family was not supportive would be an understatement. Let's just say no one saw him anything but a burden. You wouldn't even wish Robeson family on your enemy, they were so violent and disgustingly selfish. Though from a distance, he and Lettie have known each-other ever since they were children, they had no idea that they were meant to be together, until one day, Shadow saves Lettie from the grabbing hands of one of his own a$$hatty brothers. That day sealed their fate. Lettie was known to be a "whore" for her own troubled past, which she was trying hard to erase. But in a small-town, no one forgets when you make mistakes; especially if you are a woman. She had still been paying the price for a mistake she made when she was barely a teenager. After her mother's death, Lettie thought she was all alone in the world until she discovers not all hope is lost for her. That, not all Robeson brothers are the same. But then she didn't know what she can expect from a Robeson boy, the richest family in town that controls everything; who is known to rise hell anyone going against them.

That's the exact same thing Lettie and Shadow had to do to get away from this madness. Trouble follow them in the form of the Robeson family but their bond was strong enough to weather it all.

Slightly predictable but a good read nonetheless. I enjoyed it, mostly because I was surprised to find that Shadow was a virgin (hear me squeal!!). :D