Pennies for Elephants

Pennies for Elephants (A Banished Saga Short Story) - Ramona Flightner

Pennies for Elephants just reached my email and I can’t tell you how excited I was to read it because I knew Ramona was going to write a short story for Richard and Florence’s family. I needed that while I wait for the 5th book of Banished Saga, out sometimes next month. Once again, Ramona does an excellent job of not only giving us a glimpse of some of our favorite characters from the Saga but also incorporating a historical event with the storyline of the Saga quite seamlessly. Then again, because I’ve been a part of this journey since the beginning, I know she’s capable to doing just that. :D


Richard, the second (and the handsomest if I might add ;) ) McLeod brother had married the love of his life Florence Butler long before his brothers Gabriel or Jeremy could marry theirs. It seemed like these two had their HEA and that was all there is to it. They were seen on and off in the installments but never really been the focal point of any of the stories. Pennies for Elephants tells us all that and much more.


Richard and Florence have been very happy with their big, beautiful family. Their 5 rambunctious boys, Ian, Victor, Thomas, Gideon and Calvin are their world. But all wasn’t as it seemed; there indeed have been some tragedies that had cast a pall in the recent years. Even though life had thrown challenges at them, Richard and Florence knew they could weather anything as long as they stick together. Love and support each-other. So when their boys wanted to raise some funds for welcoming the first ever Elephants for the Franklin Park Zoo, Richard and Florence not only encouraged them, but also helped them to the best of their abilities.


Ramona, in the beginning of the story, explains how and why the idea of this story came to her so I will refrain from repeating it. It takes place in 1914, after book 4 Tenacious Love, so I’d suggest reading all the books from 1 through 4 to avoid any confusion and spoilers because this story is not a standalone. And if you’re already a fan of the Banished Saga, you should really read it ASAP!!


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