My Dear Lord Forrester

My Dear Lord Forrester (The Infamous Forresters Book 2) - Eliza Lloyd

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts...

My Dear Lord Forrester is a novella  and book 2 of Eliza Lloyd’s The Infamous Forresters series. Honestly, I find no fault in the books of this series that I’ve read so far, only that I always end up wishing they were full-length novels instead of novellas.

Book 1, What A Mistress Wants is the story of the widowed Duke of Sterling, Adam Forrester and his mistress, Eloisa. Mistress stories don’t always appeal to me, but this one was an amazing read. It was a novella, but the author packed a lot of emotions between the pages. Adam and Eloisa had been together for at least 4yrs. when the story opens so they already have a long history. However it didn’t feel like I missed too much. Adam was devoted to his wife, Nellie, until the day she died. He’s got 4 kids, including the future heir to the Sterling Dukedom. He still misses his wife.

Adam hopes to remarry one day, but right now, he’s all set with an adventurous paramour to take care of his more basic needs. He adores Eloisa and has no intention of giving her up anytime soon. But Eloisa, who is the daughter of a gentleman fallen on hard times, has something else in mind. Though their liaison was build on needs based of money and pleasure—each helping the other out with what they desperately needed at that time—Eloisa is now hopelessly in love with Adam. However, he’s a Duke and he’d never marry his mistress. She certainly has no interest in competing with a ghost for his affection. Just how could she carry on being his mistress knowing her feelings are not returned? Eloisa decides she’d have to make a quick decision to whether or not she’d continue to suffer in silence or put her foot down and do something about it. To find out what she did and the turn of events, you must give this novella a try!

Joshua, one of Adam’s younger brothers, wasn’t mentioned in book 1. But then, he has wanderlust and not always around. Recently though, he’d returned to London to pay a visit to his family, especially his mother, after a quite disastrous visit to Paris. My Dear Lord Forrester is based on Joshua’s tale of finding his true love in the most surprising of places, when he wasn’t even looking to find love.

It all started with a nude painting of a beautiful young lady. She was being painted from behind, giving every spectator who was there a good view of her peachy backside. No one saw her face. Joshua wasn’t immune to her beauty or her lovely behind either. Though he’s no saint, Joshua was no womanizer either. If nothing, Joshua is known as the Knight in Shining Armor since he’s always there for any damsel-in-distress he comes across. And this impulse of his has gotten him into more trouble that he’d like over the years. His latest foray in Paris where he tried to save his lover from her abusive husband, earned him a vicious saber injury. Joshua now regrets getting involved with the woman, not to mention to try to ‘save her’ when she didn’t want to saved in the first place. I say it was worthless cause he could’ve been dead but at the least, he learned a valuable lesson there.

Still recuperating, Joshua landed home and landed in trouble when he decided he wants to meet the owner of that lovely backside. Joshua determined that she was no fallen woman but probably some Lady fallen on hard times. He could think of several reasons why he’d like to meet her, least of all to find out what type of danger she’s in having resorted to such drastic measures to earn money (yep there it was again, that Knightly impulse of his!). One evening at a ball, Joshua found himself being reacquainted, then on the dance floor with his neighbor’s 4 daughters; three unmarried, and one, the eldest, widowed. Joshua has known the sisters when they were young but he’s since fallen out of contact with often so far away from home. He hadn’t expected to find the sisters to have grown into such beauties! It was while dancing with the widow, Charlotte AKA Char, that Joshua suddenly realizes that she maybe the woman he’s looking for.......... and the rest is rather a pleasantly done, beautifully told history. And though his pursuit of Charlotte began as another ‘rescuing the damsel’ situation, soon it blossomed into something more and they were head over heels for each-other.

Joshua and Charlotte’s romance should’ve felt too rushed, too unbelievable for me as it often happens in a novella, yet I found how surprisingly comfortable and believable their feelings for one another was. It’s just one of those things where you know they belong together. There were less sex scenes than book 1 but I didn’t mind. The only thing I wanted was to see Joshua and Charlotte together for a few more chapters. Loved it! 4.5 stars and highly recommended!!