Christmas in Boston

Christmas in Boston (A Banished Saga Short Story)  - Ramona Flightner

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A very short and sweet Christmas story for the fans of Banished Saga. Christmas in Boston takes place after book 3.5 and 10 or so years before the current books are set (there's a jump in time in book 4, Tenacious Love) but it's written in a way that you can enjoy it whether you've already read the series till the latest installment or you're somewhere in the middle of it.

But Christmas in Boston is NOT recommended until you've read Undaunted Love (PART TWO) because of the connected incidents. The story tells us about one of our favorite characters and McLeod brothers' uncle Aidan, his long lost love Delia, and their daughter Zylphia's first Christmas together. Even in these few pages, there are surprises and revelations that'd melt your heart. If you've already read till book 3.5 then this story will fill in some of the voids and make you smile in pleasure. :) If not, then I highly recommend you dive into this series ASAP!

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