A Montana Christmas Wedding

 A Montana Christmas Wedding (A Banished Saga Short Story) - Ramona Flightner

Frankly speaking, I’ve been loving these short snippets from the lives of our favorite characters of Banished Saga for the past 3/4 yrs. They’re like Christmas gifts from Ramona for her newsletter subscribers. As usual been eagerly awaiting this year’s short story and gobbled it up within half an hour!

A Montana Christmas Wedding is a very short story that’s practically based on the wedding of Colin and Araminta, who are two recurring—and important— characters of the Banished Saga series. Anyone who has read this series will recognize them right away. They’d also understand why it makes me so very happy as a reader of this series to see them finally together. As bonus, you get visits from many of our beloved characters as their wedding guests! But be warned that this story is NOT recommended as a standalone read because it contains spoilers that may shock you, to say the least. So if you haven't read the previous installment Abiding Love, please avoid reading this short story until you do.

I know Banished Saga is almost at an end and it makes me extremely sad just to think of it. I’ll miss them all. :(

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