Triumphant Love

Triumphant Love (Banished Saga Book 9) - Ramona Flightner

3.5 stars. I was going to do full review in the beginning, but I've changed my mind. It's mainly because many things have hindered my reading of this book and it took me a while to finish it. But then "Triumphant Love" was a pretty long book to begin with, and being the last book of Banished Saga, I was eagerly waiting for it until sh!t hit the fan in my personal life, as well as worldwide. Who the hell wants a pandemic tell me? I don't know how to explain my feelings as I read the book but it's been really odd with all that's been affecting my reading life lately. But it's bittersweet to say the least, saying 'goodbye' to a series I've been following since 2013.


If you are a fan of the Saga already, you'll be in for a treat, seeing all of your favorite characters coming together as they gather in Missoula where Gabriel lives. There's also some thrilling moments, suspenseful incidents that are both happy and sad. But everywhere, the tune was the same; it was time to say goodbye. One of the best moments of the story had to be the epilogue of the book. I don't wanna reveal exactly why but it left a big smile on my face. I was so happy for Sophronia and her gang, the girls (Clarissa, Florence, Zylphia, Parthena, Rowena), then felt utterly sad that this maybe the last time I'm going to read about them. It's been raining the whole morning today which kind of reflected my mood as I finished "Triumphant Love".


If I really have to mention it, the only thing that I kind of disliked was Eleanor's character. I didn't precisely hate her but she wasn't the most inspiring person either. I tried my best to sympathize with her due to her past but gosh, it was difficult since she was one of the major characters! I'm still not sure whether she was the correct choice for Jeremy and that kind of affected my enjoyment of the book.


It also occurred to me that another pandemic that happened in 1918, was mentioned in one of the previous installments, where I lost 2 of my favorite characters because of it. Which also almost broke me because I wasn't prepared for it at all. I'm trying hard not to find a connection between that and with our current situation but I can't help myself TBH. Was that a kind of foreshadowing? I don't know. I kept thinking of that the whole time I was reading this book, even if that pandemic isn't mentioned anywhere here. This last story takes place around 2 yrs. after the initial blow of it.


For any newbie to the series, please begin from the very first book that started it all, titled "Banished Love". All the books are very, very much interconnected and needed to be read in order to understand all that have been going on in a tale that spanned almost 20yrs (from 1899-1920).


I'd like to thank Ramona for this wonderful journey that she took us through for the past 7 yrs. It was wonderful and so worth it! I highly recommend this series. Also thanks for sending me a review copy. x