Beauty Becomes You (Beauty, #4)

Beauty Becomes You (Beauty, #4) - Skye Warren

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Blake and Erin’s story in this 4-part Beauty series comes to an end with Beauty Becomes You. It was as hot and sweet as the rest of the installments. Erin and Blake had to journey through some tough times in order to finally commit to their true feelings for each-other.

In the last 3 parts, we’ve seen plenty of ups and downs in Blake and Erin’s passionate love affair. Blake, the scarred soldier, who had somewhat given up on life, is brought back by Erin’s touch and sweetness. He is addicted to her, just as she is addicted to him. Erin gradually becomes the light in his dark, dark world and Blake knows he’d never let her go, if she lets him keep her.

Erin has adored Blake since the moment she took the house cleaning job at his home. She never thought her attraction would be reciprocated, or even a possibility. One day, an incident made her secret yearning come alive. Erin knew about Blake’s vulnerabilities about his scarred face, even though he’s an overall handsome and brilliant man. She wanted to let him know she feels the same.

As they become intimate, reality starts biting. Erin is a student who needs money, and working hard for that. She’s embarrassed about her social standing. She thinks she’s not good enough for Blake because her mom also cleans houses for a living. TBH, they’re not very well off while Blake comes from a wealthy family. Even though Erin adores Blake the same (and he has shown in every way possible that he feels the same about her), she begins feeling insecure. And then, all of a sudden, Blake is made a professor at her university; a new development that brings more tension to their relationship. Erin wants Blake to take this opportunity to ‘return to the world’ from his self-imposed isolation. She encourages him and Blake takes up on the job. But they’re also painfully aware that one slip about their relationship can cause great damages in their respective careers.

This job also brings back a woman of Blake’s past, who becomes quite the trouble for them for a while. We see Erin and Blake struggling through these issues and finding some sort of solutions because by then, they began grasping at the fact just how precious they are to each-other.

In this story, Erin and Blake don’t see each-other for about a month till the semester is over. They decide not to take any more chances for the fear of being exposed and being judged wrongly. They can’t wait to be together once Erin graduates. But it proves to be as miserable for them as acting like strangers in Blake’s class that Erin took without any knowledge about its instructor.

On the day of the faculty ball, however, Erin receives some distressing news about her mother. Erin needs help, and she knows she can turn to Blake without any hesitation. But Blake doesn’t pick up her calls and Erin is worried, frustrated... scared, thinking something bad might’ve fallen on him. What should she do now? Poor Blake, he was feeling SO guilty about not picking up her calls and it was all a matter of miscommunication. But the trust Erin and Blake shared was stronger than those miscommunications as we see later on.

Blake was ever the sweet H, so thoughtful and caring (and HOT! I don’t know how many times I’ve repeated this about him in all my other reviews of this series but it’s true). The sexy times between him and Erin were super due to the love, understanding and passion they felt for each-other. It was a treat to see them finally finding their HEA.

I was a little disappointed about the OW situation - who promised to become a threat - being handled so quickly. She certainly didn’t seem that ‘understanding’ in the other two installments! Other than that, it was all good. My recommendation would be to read the series in order and if possible, back to back.

I’ll surely miss Erin and Blake! 4 stars.

I received an ARC from the author in exchange of an honest review and I'd like to thank her for it.