Breaking (Escorted #1.5)

Breaking (Escorted #1.5) - Claire Kent

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Breaking by Claire Kent was sort of a rounding-up novella for Escorted, the story where it all started. This is not a stand alone so I’d recommend anyone wanting to read it to start with Escorted.

In Escorted, a 26 year old popular Romance writer, Lori sought out a gigolo, Ander, to get rid of her virginity. Lori hadn’t found anyone or may have been waiting for the perfect guy coming along for too long, until she decides it’s time with or without that perfect guy. Little did she know that she found ‘the one’ in Ander, who came highly recommended from his past clients for his bed skills. Even though I liked the story in the beginning, my interest started wavering due to too many sex scenes but not much of a story in between. I really wanted a bit more of the story, more of Lori’s life... more about Ander’s past and what made him take this kind of job. Unfortunately, those weren’t explored well, only left at hints or as a part of the conversation between them, because 90% of the story was based on Ander and Lori’s ‘sessions’ aka sexy times.

There are many reasons why I wasn’t fond of Escorted but I’m not going to repeat those in here. But the most important thing that I missed was Ander’s POV. I love gigolo heroes, and I love knowing them better. Gosh, how I missed it! Ander didn’t feel like someone I actually got to know well when I finished the book. And he was such a delightfully complex character.

Finally I got inside Ander’s head in Breaking, even if it was for a short span of time! But there it was, and I loved it!

Breaking roughly takes place 3 years after Escorted and Ander and Lori are now engaged, living together. Ander is also pursuing his studies, which he began in Escorted. Lori is thinking about starting to plan the wedding when things begins going a little down. Ander starts acting a little distant, making Lori worried. Oh he’s still superb in bed (there are plenty of scenes to show you that *winks*), but could this be a way of keeping her occupied otherwise, so that she doesn’t pry too much? Is he losing interest in her?

Ander has a secret and it’s eating him out. Even I was scared that this might be something very bad. Well, though I didn’t find the ‘secret’ as bad as I initially thought it could be, it was still a big deal for Ander. I just don’t know why he couldn’t confide in Lori. I totally understood Lori when she finally put her feet down to get him to tell her whatever was bugging him so, then was hurt that he didn’t tell her this. After all, they have come a long way since the day they met at the park to discuss Ander’s schedule.

Loved the ending and how Lori helped Ander get through this remnant of his past. I liked this maturity of their relationship and the strong bond that was so obvious. I would’ve loved it more if I could read about their wedding, or at least, a kid. I don’t know but I just think Ander needs to have his own baby to get past the kind of hurt his father dealt him with.

I’m gonna miss them for sure. If, ever, the author decides to give them another story, I’m definitely going to pick it up. 4 stars.

This ARC was provided to me by the author via netgalley which didn’t influence my review and rating in any way. thankyou