Ensnared by the Dream Lord (Dark Lords, #3)

Ensnared by the Dream Lord  - Jaide Fox My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Storywise, I didn’t enjoy [b:Ensnared by the Dream Lord|16587035|Ensnared by the Dream Lord (Dark Lords, #3)|Jaide Fox|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1355412898s/16587035.jpg|22790111] by Jaide Fox as much as I did book 1 and 2 because it felt somewhat hazy and rushed. But WOW, the sex was hot, plain and simple, just as Morpheus, our H. Adriana... after reading her story, I’ve decided that she won’t be my favorite sister.

First a little recap:

In book 1, [b:Captured by the Dark Lord|16586051|Captured by the Dark Lord (Dark Lords)|Jaide Fox|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1355412588s/16586051.jpg|22789124], Lord Bordaux was tricked into striking a deal with the Dark Lord, a rumored Death Knight and a part of the local legend, Damian Alessandro for trespassing into his castle. The prize? Lord Bordeaux’s eldest daughter, the healer of the family, Bianca. If you read the story, you’ll know exactly why Damian wanted Bianca so much because it’s related to his curse. I was bummed because I felt that the story ended when I was finally finding a grip of things and begin enjoying it.

While searching for her eldest sister, Cerise, who has an abominable sense of direction, finds herself lost in the Hellsing woods that surround her father’s castle in book 2, [b:Seized by the Vampire Lord|16586597|Seized by the Vampire Lord (Dark Lords, #2)|Jaide Fox|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1355412756s/16586597.jpg|22789670]. While she was pondering on how she got herself into this muck, Cerise comes face to face with the Vampire Lord of the legend, Daegon Erlansson. She should’ve expected him as everyone knows he has been here for centuries and owns these woods, or so Daegon informs her. Then begins a fun chase between the mortal and the immortal, which I very much enjoyed. I really loved Daegon and Cerise’s story because their chemistry was instant. Daegon had a wicked sense of humor that kept me entertained, alongside his sexy advances towards Cerise.

As her two sisters finally got married with their dark lords and moved away to live with them, Adriana was wasting away in the tower where her father kept her locked, just so she doesn’t repeat the history by running off with another unnatural being. Much good it did, since Adriana, who is supposed to be the sweetest of the sisters (Cerise being the one with temper and Bianca, the stubborn one), wants to get away anyhow. She wants to see the world, as her father doesn’t even let her out of her room. Umm, that was not a smart move daddy!

A desperate Adriana seeks refuge in books. One day, she finds the book containing the stories of the legends. While reading it, Adriana learns of this Lord of the Night aka the Dream Lord, Morpheus Dragunas. It is said that a maiden with pure heart and body can summon him for granting a wish, her heart’s desire. Little did she know that Morpheus doesn’t like to be summoned by anyone, let alone a mortal, even if the magic binding him forces him to do it.

Adriana starts calling Morpheus from her tower room, day and night, for days on ahead, determined to make him come to her. She gets a little frustrated as days passed without his presence, but Adriana is desperate enough to keep calling him.

On the other hand, Morpheus is annoyed and angry at the constant call of this woman that echoed his empty castle. He, at first, decides to ignore it totally. But as days passed, he begins to feel the tug to answer her summon. It must be because she is pure at heart and body. That is how the magic works and Morpheus has no option but to finally give in. Even as he calls out to his night-mare to pay a visit to this woman, Morpheus is resolute into scaring her bad so that she stops calling on him and leaves him in peace.

Of course, things don’t go as planned. One was the fact Adriana is beautiful and takes Morpheus’s breathe away on the first glance. She was asleep like the rest of the castle because of a spell caste by Morpheus himself. Then, as he steps into her dream, they both find themselves tangled in it and in a few kisses. Adriana has no idea what’s happening but only that she isn’t scared of Morpheus. Both are attracted to each-other. Morpheus doesn’t want this attraction. He has been an immortal for many millennia now, and something so mortal such as lust will only make his existence difficult. He also refuses to be manipulated by any woman. With this in mind, Morpheus gives her some thoroughly erotic dreams that should’ve made any other girl run, but Adriana was already ensnared by his enigmatic presence.

At one point, Morpheus stops coming to Adriana in fear that he’s involving himself too deeply into her affair. Adriana is heartbroken, finding that she’s already fallen in love with him. I couldn’t really believe it because no matter, their encounters were but a few.

One day, Cerise asks Daegon to ‘rescue’ Adriana from the tower. He sends a guy named Drago (whom I, at first, thought was Daegon himself in disguise… apparently not) to the tower in secret. Drago tells Adriana that she might be the end of Morpheus’s eternal living... something like that is hinted at the book of legends. Adriana is scared for Morpheus’s life and decides not to call on him again. She also leaves with Drago to be with Cerise.

At the same time, Morpheus was going crazy, missing Adriana’s summons. Well, the guy was a contradiction! When she stops calling him totally is when he finally goes out to get her. Not finding Adriana in the castle, Morpheus tracks her down into the Hellsing wood, closer to Daegon’s castle, asleep in a camp. Morpheus brings her to his own castle instead, intending to keep her however long it pleases him.

Now, the sex was hot but at times felt a little forced. Adriana tries thwarting Morpheus’s advances, thinking she’s going to make him fall in love with her, which in turn would cause his death. But the fact of the matter is, she couldn’t really keep him at a distance because she loved him and wanted him beyond anything. On the other hand, Morpheus begins getting worried, confused and a little more than annoyed to find that he’s unable to capture Adriana’s complete attention. Oh, she lets him make love to her. There was no doubt she finds physical pleasure being with him but what was it that she hid from him? Morpheus tries making some sweet gestures that mortal men would do to woo their women. Even then, his feels like a failure. To his consternation, Morpheus discovers that he wants Adriana to be with him always, but not as a prisoner but on her own free will.

TBH, I got frustrated at this constant war of will and the trust-issue between them. I wanted Adriana to talk to Morpheus about what she knew of his curse. This would at least cause him less hurt (he was really hurt and disappointed when Adriana leaves him, thinking this is for the best... pfft!). I was also quite confused about his curse myself as not much was explained about it, only that he was once a mortal too, much like Daegon or Damian. I couldn’t really put two and two together to find the clarification of how Morpheus’s story (as Adriana read it before) changed to something else entirely when Adriana finally flees from him.

Did I mention I was disappointed? *sigh* 3.5 stars.