Seized by the Vampire Lord (Dark Lords, #2)

Seized by the Vampire Lord  - Jaide Fox My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Now, this was fun! [b:Seized by the Vampire Lord|16586597|Seized by the Vampire Lord (Dark Lords, #2)|Jaide Fox||22789670] by Jaide Fox was very entertaining. I even got the amount of smut I felt was lacking in book 1, [b:Captured by the Dark Lord|16586051|Captured by the Dark Lord (Dark Lords)|Jaide Fox||22789124].

This story goes simultaneously with book 1, where Lord Bordeaux trespassed into a rumored death knight, an accursed for centuries, Damian’s castle on a stormy night. He is manipulated to strike a deal the knight in exchange of his rescue; to give Damian his eldest daughter, Bianca. He had no intention of following through but when Bianca learns of it, she instantly runs to her father’s rescue. Damian needed a healer to break his curse, and Bianca was exactly that. They fall in love later and Bianca decides to be with Damian after his curse is broken.

In book 1, we learn that one of Bianca’s younger sisters, Cerise, who has a horrible sense of direction, went out to find her missing sister and then, gone missing herself. Do you see the irony? Umm... Anyway...

Cerise loses her direction (well, don’t ask!) as the horse she was on threw her off and ran away. While wondering through the Hellsing wood, a place of dark legend and dangerously dark creatures, Cerise encounters someone very soon, face-to-face; the vampire lord of the legend, Daegon Erlansson! Now, Cerise wasn’t expecting this kind of trouble, even though, IMO she should’ve because Daegon is an accursed, just as Damian and is a part of the local lore surrounding the Hellsing. People know about him, spun stories about his blood-sucking and erm, other ‘dark deeds’ but no one really knew who he was, or the fact that, he was just a man once.

Cerise has heard it all, of course but never imagined she’d actually meet him! And meet they do, as Daegon makes a very silly kind of remark (not meaning a thing) just at the beginning of the story:

“Trespassers, especially beautiful ones, are violated. Survivors are lunch.”

Oh yes, he was anticipating a lot of fun chasing a lonely, beautiful woman. I loved him and his witty sense of humor from the start; wit he had to cultivate over the centuries of his miserably lonely existence to get by... to forget. Daegon needed this amusement because he was no villain or bloodsucker. I even doubted he was a vampire or had any of those characteristics the superstitious people around here stamped upon him.

I enjoyed the chase throughout the Hellsing wood, which was pretty hilarious because Cerise would run, and no matter where she was, Daegon would find her. If Bianca was headstrong, Cerise has a fiery temper. I loved their banters; Daegon’s amusing remarks and Cerie’s fuming replies (or musings where Daegon was concerned). But he does kidnap Cerise, sort of... making her unconscious with his spell(?).

Later on, Cerise finds herself in a strange room, alone and she knows instinctively that its Daegon’s lair aka castle. She’s fuming all right and planning all sorts of things to kick his balls and escape. But Daegon is also determined to keep her, though he’s nice otherwise. He just loves her defiance and how beautiful she looks while doing it. This makes Cerise more than a little determined to escape the blackguard’s clutches. It’s a matter of great worry that she has started enjoying the said blackguard’s stolen (and sometimes forced) kisses and touches a bit too much. (Ah well, he was sexy wasn’t he, Cerise? :p)

Most of the story revolves around this push and pull. Cerise wants to escape, once even got caught by Daegon while attempting it. Daegon is unhappy about her betrayal (she promised she won’t pursue any escape plans again) and Cerise doesn’t want to see him unhappy. Cerise begins weakening towards him after some sexy fondling and kisses, and some more erm, other things to show Cerise just how determined Daegon is also to keep her here. She had already sensed that Daegon isn’t the vampire lord or whatever the rumors say about him. But after one especially intense make out, Daegon finally sets her free, telling her that it’s only a torture for him to keep her as they probably won’t ever have anything ‘real’ between them.

Cerise steals one of his hundreds of yearly journals (poor man, all those years, passing time writing journals... all alone :( ) where Daegon’s curse is explained through his own accounts. While she and her younger sister, Adriana is locked away in a tower by their father so that they don’t do something impulsive, Cerise reads it. This only strengthens her resolution of saving Daegon, and be with him forever.

The ending was a little hazy because I wasn’t sure if Daegon’s curse was finally broken or not. I also wondered exactly why he was so keen about Cerise from the beginning or if she was connected to his past or his curse somehow. But those didn’t hinder my overall enjoyment. 4 stars.

Hmm, now have to find out what Adriana is up to!