Captured by the Dark Lord (Dark Lords, #1)

Captured by the Dark Lord  - Jaide Fox My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Well, can’t say I didn’t enjoy [b:Captured by the Dark Lord|16586051|Captured by the Dark Lord (Dark Lords)|Jaide Fox||22789124] by Jaide Fox but it was just too short. I mean when I thought that story just started is when it finished... just like that. There wasn’t even enough smut for me to give it a better rating. *sigh*

The story was kind of interesting. Damian has been cursed centuries ago by a necromancer. He’d live on ‘death’s door for untold years’... until some healer takes pity on him, and loves him. It won’t end then even, as the next part of the curse tells us, but Damian doesn’t really get that part clearly. Does it mean he’d live after the healer heals him and loves him, or so to speak? Will he even find anyone to love him that way? So, time has passed and Damian had sat on his cursed castle, Helmskeep, all alone... waiting for the right person to come to him. His castle is basically shadowed in illusion, no one can see it unless Damian wills it. He also manipulates everything in and surrounding areas of his castle. One day, when he finally discovers that he has visitors, Damian decides to welcome them in his way.

It was a night of incessant rain and violent storm when Lord Bordeaux had to find a place to take shelter. His coachman, Henry, suddenly discovers this dark castle looming over them. They had no other choice but to take shelter as the horses couldn’t go any further in the storm. Inside, they are in for surprises. Even though the castle looks abandoned, they find a knight waiting for them. Death Knight, as he’s been rumored in these parts for centuries. Henry already was talking about having ‘bad feelings’, but now Lord Bordeaux knows that the gossips and superstitions might become reality for him. The death knight, it seems, is not happy about the trespassing and would imprison him, unless... (as I felt Damian’s ears pricked by the mention) Lord Bordeaux sends for his eldest daughter, Bianca; the healer of the family, a beauty and as pure at heart.

Oh well, I knew Bianca would come to rescue her father once she knows of it, she’s a headstrong thing. She does that, and afterwards, Damian sends Bordeaux away. Bianca had a plan to saving her father and then escaping, which proves to be... umm, not so easy. She’s certainly attracted to the death knight, who has white hair and piercing blue eyes along with cold, cold skin. An appearance more or less a shell, for Damian can’t smell or feel anything. Although he thought he wouldn’t feel the desire of a mortal man anymore, one look at Bianca and his body tells him otherwise. Aw the poor guy, he knows he can probably have sex with her, but he himself won’t feel anything... and so, umm, he won’t find his own release. Just sucks, right? :/

Later part of the story had some funny moments, mainly including Bianca’s so-called escape plans, as all of those were foiled by Damian. I did chuckle to myself when he’d go and say something like, ‘And what do you think you’re doing, my lady?’. *heehee*

TBH, Damian was not a villain, just misunderstood, thanks to the centuries of gossip. The fact is long forgotten that he used to be a man once upon a time. He wanted Bianca passionately, but she hurts him more than once. Also she denies healing him, telling him she can’t heal him at all. I’m a bit confused about this part, exactly why Bianca said that; Did she not want to heal him just out of spite (as Damian thought) or was it true that she didn’t have enough healing power to heal him (as she tells him)?

Anyway, in this push and pull, Damian finally let’s her go knowing that forcing her won’t help his cause. Bianca, thankfully, does come to her senses soon after, doing her own research to find Damian’s true identity; the fact that he was a hero before the curse fell upon him. Some questions were left unanswered as Bianca decides to return to Damian and acknowledge about her feelings for him. A bit too soon maybe but glad that she does. After all, in her earlier stay, Damian has never been cruel, mean or abusive towards her, which is a point in itself. And I’m certainly not going to count those sexy fondling as anything mean or abusive. :p

I really wish there were more to the story and a little more smut. 3.5 stars. Next up, I think, is Bianaca’s sister’s story (she has two other sisters). Let’s see how that ones goes.