Feather Light

Feather Light - Lorenz Font

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Lorenz Font’s Feather Light is the story of an almost blind message therapist who has made it pretty big in his career. He was the main reason why I was so interested in reading this book. But sometimes, things don’t go as planned and this book didn’t entirely live up to my expectations. There were some things that bugged me just because those are my pet peeves, some incidents made me frustrated. I’ll try to elaborate as I go.

Parker is going blind gradually because of a rare disease. He was not born blind, but over these past couple of years, after learning about his problem, he has gradually come to terms with his eventual complete blindness... or so he thought. Parker absolutely adores his job, entirely dedicated to it which gives him some means to stay distracted. He’s called ‘Feather Light’ for a reason; his touch makes women moan in pleasure, stress relief... whatever you call it. Parker has won over thousands of loyal customers, has openings in big US cities and his schedule (along with his employees) is always full. Moreover his employees are also very dedicated to him, loves him to bits. All in all, he’s living the ‘it’ life.

In bed, Parker is different too. He loves role playing, sometimes a little bondage as well. I don’t know if he was always like that but it was later revealed that he hated losing the control of his life to blindness, so at the least, in bed, he wants to dominate. In the first chapter, it’s revealed that Parker has a no-strings relationship with his personal secretary/assistant, his jack-of-all-trades (sort of), the beautiful, smarta$$ Webster or Webbie. Umm, I don’t currently recall her given name since she’s always called as ‘Webbie’ throughout. At first, I was not happy reading that detailed sex scene. Though it gave us an idea of the type of things Parker likes in bed, just because it’s my pet peeve (scenes with H and his OWs), I started feeling uncomfortable. Call me stupid but I didn’t see this coming! But as the story progressed, things begin to change and I started seeing Webbie differently. One, she really did care for Parker and two, she’s the one who understood Parker’s lifestyle more than Kelly, be is his every day routine or his sex life.

In a few more pages, we meet our heroine, the world famous actress Kelly. Her secretary Jessica thought Kelly needed a break from her frenzied lifestyle and for that, an appointment with Parker would be just the thing. This is how the two met. The first day, Kelly comes in heavy disguise and falls for Parker’s touch. I can hardly call it ‘love’ but ‘lust’? Yes absolutely. It also helps that Parker is utterly gorgeous to look at. She returns twice more in heavy disguise, under a false name, asks for a date with him... and bam! They’re having sex on their first date. I was not impressed at the speed they jumped into bed (even with Parker’s special form of lovin’) because I didn’t feel one whit of connection or chemistry between them. I tried my best to find any in the rest of the sex scenes they were in and I pretty much failed. Maybe it was the role playing that didn’t do it for me, I don’t know but I did feel that Parker shared more chemistry with Webbie than Kelly, who fumbled along because she had no idea WTF this is all about and had to google to find out more about Parker (all the while hiding herself from him).

Now comes the other point that made me want to scream. Kelly didn’t give Parker her real name, more precisely, the name she goes by into the world. And since she came in heavy disguise, no one knew her identity. After a couple of dates, Parker is entirely smitten with her (though I failed to see why). He even breaks it off with Webbie, who was quite concerned, not knowing who this mysterious woman was. Is she going to trick Parker? Take advantage of his blindness? Turns out, Kelly does that and more! She keeps deceiving Parker for a long time, trying to avoid his questions about her identity or anything related to that, distracting him with excuses and sex. But Kelly too finds that she’s falling for her message therapist. What she thought would be a fling has turned into something more. What to do now? Parker’s gentleness and overall ‘good-guy’ vibe is so much different than the jacka$$es from the film industry she’s dated so far. It’s apparent that Parker cares and he doesn’t hide it. Yet, Kelly won’t come clean. Why? Because she’s trying to save Parker from her ‘paparazzi-laden-frenzy’ of a life, that’s why! *eyeroll*

So, how can this relationship even have a chance? For me, it didn’t. I thought Kelly was being a chicken. She kept whipping out excuses for deceiving Parker, none of which I bought. If she took ‘the big step’ earlier, without hurting Parker in the process and then let it flow, I’d think she has the guts. But she didn’t until it was too late.

I was thoroughly disgusted at Kelly at one point of the story when hers and Parker’s relationship has gone much more intimate than just sex. Some paparazzo takes pictures of them on an isolated cabin and it’s all over some tabloid the next day. Even though others wouldn’t really recognize him the way he was in that shot, any acquaintance of Parker’s definitely will. This happened in the middle of their idyllic, sex-filled getaway and that morning, Kelly gets a call from Jessica about it. She runs, leaving a sleepy Parker, telling him some emergency has come up and she needs to check on it. In her mansion, she faces the music but not quite. I was hoping, praying that she’d take a few minute out to meet Parker and explain... but nooooooo, she leaves that day because she had some brand promotion scheduled in another country which would occupy her whole week! That absolutely couldn’t wait! Really? That was the MOST important thing and talking to the man you think you’ve fallen for could’ve waited???? She doesn’t even take calls in that whole week, not even for Parker, who kept calling her and leaving messages because he was worried that she never got back to him. WTF am I to call this irresponsible-piece-of-trash? Ugh.

That was the moment I knew there was no chance Kelly can redeem herself in my eyes. What happens next is more mess, Parker knowing it all from Webbie and his younger brother, Cork (who are currently dating BTW). He is mad, angry... hurt beyond belief. Those, alongside his vulnerabilities about his blindness, taking over his overall sense of logic. He’s in love with a woman who has just deceived him. Parker has been hurt before and been used for his fame. Though there weren’t a lot of details on his past relationships but what Kelly googles out while ‘researching’ him and his sexual preferences, there was no denying that he was pretty scared about being duped. And this hurt the most because, yah he’s in love. I felt horrible; after all, no matter what Kelly’s excuses were, Parker was a human being.

After that the story quite picks up and I enjoyed the last couple of chapters. Parker, at first, breaks it off with Kelly. He wouldn’t forgive her no matter what she tries (which she deserved IMO). She’s devastated but I give it to her that she was realized her fault. She knew she should’ve listened to Jessica’s advice (who did imply more than once that this won’t end well. I thought Jessica was the smarter one!). She tried making it up, but, what Parker did to her in anger before the break up was something that took me totally by surprise. Also the things an enraged and frustrated Parker says to Cork and Webbie... especially about his past relationship with Webbie. That was so bad IMO, Webbie shouldn’t have let him off the hook that easily! It takes Parker some times to come around, breaking himself off the self-pity that he wrapped himself into but he does that, and tries his best to win Kelly over again.

Before finishing off the review, I have to mention this because this baffled me quite a bit. It was something Webbie tells Kelly after Parker decides not to see her again. I got that she was very protective of Parker (which I liked) but telling Kelly that she loves Parker ‘like a brother’ was... ummm, really? What I read on that scene on the first chapter had nothing brotherly-sisterly in it! Kelly probably was never made aware of their relationship because it was never addressed throughout the story but that doesn’t change the nature of it. Frankly, I didn’t know what to think at that point.

If you’re looking for something light, you can pick up this one. I would say that the initial concept was pretty original. It’s not heavy on the plot or characterization, yet manages to be entertaining at the same time. Sex scenes are a matter of taste because all of them have some sort of role-play, with a few having some form of light BDSM. 3.5 stars.

This ARC was provided to me by The Writer's Coffee Shop via netgalley which didn’t influence my review and rating in any way. thankyou