The Ice Princess - Elizabeth Hoyt My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 2 parts.

This one's a novella and I don't always enjoy novellas. Mostly because of the short length and if the story is really enjoyable I do feel a bit pissed. But, that's just me! lolz

We've seen Coral in TRP so won't go into details about her past. She's an expert courtesan and by this I do not mean some "one-time something or just new to this"-type. She has been a courtesan for a long time, at least 10 yrs, started out very young in a brothel, had at least 5 protectors before becoming the Aphrodite of the famous brothel "Aphrodite's Grotto". She's been here for about 2 yrs but hasn't entertained a man ever since. Now, in a twist of fate, she has to. And that, a man, who irritates her with his puritanical attitude.

Issac aka Captain Wargate has been coming to this brothel for the last 2 yrs just to round up his men. He is irritated by all these and the money it costs. He doesn't like the business of flesh and he doesn't usually ask/pay for a woman's favor, even though his wife's been dead for 5 yrs now. So, he didn't think he'd be stepping in to 'save' the aforementioned Aphrodite from a bargain of sort.

The thing is that, the man who holds most of the brothel's share, is mean and greedy. There was a fire or something, Coral was in the man's debt. This made it hard for her to refuse this arrangement when that man announced the betting for "7 days and nights with Aphrodite". She didn't want it, certainly didn't like it but she had no other way to refuse.

Well, have to say, I liked the starting of the story and the fact that they didn't just jump into bed afterwards lolz. Coral didn't even think the Captain would want her in bed, seeing how the man was. So, she decided to help him win. :p Then, afterwards, he demanded to see her personal rooms and the removal of her mask. She, of course, balked at first but, gave in because he later proved to be a true gentleman, a man who makes her dream of forbidden things, such as, an honorable life.

I liked that Issac talked to her, wanted to know her well, even played a game. The interactions between the h/h are very honest and heartwarming. He even showed her what's the difference between her 'business' and making love. Ooh, gotta say, it was nice! But, inevitably, those scenes seem too short. Not much details of what they'd been doing by the day and stuff. It cuts off a lot of fun, as in any novella. Though it has 12 chapters, they're fairly short. I do wish it was a full novel as I found this storyline quite interesting. Would've love to see their relationship unfolding step by step and not like this.

Not done yet, 2/3 chapters left. When I return later, I'll rate it. :)

Well, the ending was sweet but abrupt. After a night of amazing lovemaking, Coral suddenly disappeared and I was left ... ermm ... confused, just like Issac. Then, things went as it should, he found her out etc etc ... Really, it could've been a great novel IMO, had the potentials. I wish EH made it one. So, my final rating 3.75. :)