How to Woo a Reluctant Lady (The Hellions of Halstead Hall) - Sabrina Jeffries My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 3 parts.

I've been dying to read Giles's book since I read about him in Wed Him Before You Bed Him, after a scene in particular which played a vital role in the misunderstanding between the h/h. I even voted for him in Ms. Jeffries's site for his own book. At last, it's here!

Now, I know little abt Minerva, except what I read in the early 2 books of this series. I like a feisty heroine and she is that, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I want her to teach Giles a good lesson ... ahem ... well, never mind that!

I've read 1st 4 chps, it has given me the view of their relationship from an early age. Minerva has an ambivalent attitude towards Giles and Giles being Giles wants her in his bed (not that she doesn't still ... lolz ;) ). They've known each other from a very young age, he's a friend to Oliver and Jarett, Minerva's 2 older bros. There were some stuff that went on in between that caused a strain to their relationship and now, he has offered her to marry him. If you've read the early 2 books, you'll know Minerva's Gran Hetty has this ultimatum for them ... well, Minerva's not upto it ... I understand why, being in love with a scoundrel like Giles can't be an easy feat. Just to say, good luck with that Minerva!

Now, speaking of the book, 1st few chps seemed a bit rushed to me but I know the background has been building from the last 2 books ... And it was so good to see sexy Spencer, Viscount Ravenswood again ... :D

What can I say, I love their chemistry. Really, really enjoying it. Their easy banters, genuine feelings/affections for each other. It's like they're a zigsaw puzzle, waiting to be solved and fitted. I didn't really expect such easiness in their relationship. I wanted her to give Giles hell but I like the way things turned out so far. What I would've LOVE to know is how Minerva was 'snapping' Giles's head off 6 yrs. ago! ;) Sounds like fun but there were no detailed mentioning of any of those encounters.

The courtroom scene was pretty interesting and impressive.

Now, they've gotten married after much scheming and arguing (from both sides). What I found a bit uneasy was those talk of Giles's 'other women' on the wedding night. It'd grate on my nerves if I were Minerva, even if I had some perverted thing to know about them (seriously would I? :s). I can understand why Menerva wanted to talk abt them or Giles said things he never said to anyone, but really, why on the wedding night? Another thing is the issue of trust between them, have to follow where it finally goes. Giles is already breaking promises he made to Minerva, I hope he wont do anything stupid and just talk to her.

I don't care much for heroes who have certain weaknesses for barmaids, taproom maids, maidservants of their own house (until they prove they deserve something better), so Giles, you're yet to prove your point, m'darlin'! I'd like to thank you for acknowledging the fact that it was 'wrong' (disgusting would've been more to the point!). I want more grovelling from you, more intensity ... At this point, you're only talking and sidetracking a few issues ... Those banters were good then but now that things have gotten a bit more serious (hasn't it?), I want more!

In the end, I salute Minerva for putting up with those talks of 'other women'. Seriously, I would've gotten more than a bit squirmy if I saw the man I'm so in 'love and hate' going off with widows and stuff ... Aghh! :/

Today, I read that Gabe and Celia's book will come out back to back in Nov and Jan respectively. It's gonna be a long wait since most of my fav writers will not publish until next yr. In the meantime, I'll have to finish some more authors from my TBR pile. :)

I wish the last few chps weren't so slow, all the talks of 'to trust or not to trust'. :s Don't know.

Positive points were definitely the earlier moments between them, moments before marriage, as I said before they so seemed to fit with each other. Loved the other Sharpes with Gran Hetty. Giles was very impressive as a barrister, also the way he actually was besotted with Minerva, although misguided in his feelings. Minerva's ambivalent feelings towards Giles, though I was hoping for more 'snapping' moments from her. I'd give a full 5 if she made him suffer more. Loved her notion of independence and talks abt her novel.

Negetive points were of course the chaps after marriage, it kinda went slow and as I said, I didn't like all these confusions between them. Also, Minerva's taking Gile's talk of his 'other women' too easily (aghhh!). I felt Giles got her too easily, too. Steam factor was good but doesn't compare well with what I've read from SJ's other books, I expected more sexy scenes between them.

Ah well, though I wish things were different, it had its great moments. Now, I'm already so interested to read Gabe and Celia's book that the wait is going to be excruciating for me! grrrr ... 4 for me.