Broken Beauty

Broken Beauty - Skye Warren

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

I’ve been quite impatiently waiting for the third installment of the Beauty Series by Skye Warren, Broken Beauty. I love this series, love Erin and Blake and can’t say that out loud enough. This series was my introduction to SW’s work, and now, I’m a big fan of hers!

It all started in book 1, Beauty Touched The Beast. Blake is a scarred soldier, who has holed himself up in his home for a long time. He was not ready to face the world at all. He was constantly being judged; his well-planned career ruined by the trauma of the facial scar... and the scar it left inside of him. His fiancée left him and his parents gave up on him. Yet Blake is brilliant, an amazing guy for whom Erin fell the day she met him, scars and all. Erin was Blake’s housemaid at that time. She saw the man he is, his potential, his gentle manners. She also knew Blake is passionate, something that spoke to her. Soon, enough she and Blake formed this easy companionship, though attraction was shimmering just underneath.

It goes without saying, Blake has also been crazy about Erin; her beauty, strength and of course, her brilliance. She is from a poor family, but Erin has been trying hard to balance her jobs and her study in the University. Meeting Erin opened Blake’s eyes, and he finally felt like connecting with a human being after a long while. After catching Blake masturbating and calling out her name, Erin just knew there had to be some kind of resolve to their attraction. So starts their affair, and yet, it was more than that. Erin and Blake became friends, then lovers. They could rely on each-other, talk, discuss about philosophy and then, make crazy love to each-other.

I was craving for more of the story and their HEA, some of which we find in book 2, Beneath the Beauty. We learn more of Blake’s past life and Erin’s situation. They professed their love already in that short span of time. Yet, things start happening as if to test their love. Blake’s ex-fiancé returns. He was invited to take up the assistant professor’s job in Erin’s university, where that woman was also working. The moment she sees them together, Erin knew who this woman means, or once meant to Blake. Some misunderstanding, and trust issues arise from it but I loved how neither Erin, nor Blake let anything fester in their mind.

In this installment, we find Erin in a big dilemma. She’s in her last semester before graduation when another test is put before her. Blake is chosen as the professor to that last course she has to attend. What would she do now? Would she leave Blake because this could prove to be suicidal for both her education and Blake’s own career as a professor? I could totally understand Erin’s POV because of her affair with Blake. No matter what they think of it, the outside world, especially the university authority won’t see it that way. Erin’s internal conflicts were not illogical at all.

At first, Erin decides nothing will come between them. They can hide it for a few weeks till her course ends. Blake doesn’t bother about it though. Sure enough, he was willing to give up his job to have Erin in his life (oh, he was still as sweet and sexy as we saw him in the other books! *sigh*). But then, Blake’s ex makes trouble for them because of the way he spurned her attentions earlier. Erin ends up being scared for them both, in the process, taking some rash steps that hurt her and Blake equally. My heart especially melt when Blake tells Erin that he’d do whatever she asks him to do, if it means waiting for the end of the semester. Erin knew very well he’d do just that, even though it’d kill them both to be apart. Blake is just that crazy for her! I was a bit scared of them being torn apart (which would’ve made me scream in agony too) but I thank SW for not dragging this for long.

Sex was, as usual, super hot. I can’t help but fall in love with Blake over and over again. He’s a jem to be sure, though I don’t know if I should be happy to know that he’s not as ‘old’ as I initially thought him to be. Then again, who cares! Love him anyway. :D Can’t wait to see how he and Erin finally find their own HEA in the last installment, Beauty Becomes You. 4.25 stars.