A Passion for Him (Georgian, Book 3) - Sylvia Day My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Hmm, not sure where to start. This book was ok, nothing exciting for me. Nada from Colin or Amelia that could make me dance. Weird thing is, I wasn’t bored or anything but I wasn’t hooked either. Some spy actions went on here as well but not enough to make me bite my nails.

From book #2, Passion for the Game, which apparently took place 6 years prior to this, we’ve learned that Amelia is Maria’s (heroine of book #2) half-sister. Amelia was locked away in some English countryside by her villainous, self-centered father so that he can make Maria do things for money. Maria tried to save her, which led to a convoluted plot, she met a pirate and a smuggler as notorious as her, called Christopher and in the course of the story fell in love and married him. Amelia led a very sheltered life until she was rescued at 17. Her only constant companion was the half English nephew of the Roma coachman Pietro, Colin. They were playmates at a young age but fell in love as they grew up. Colin knew he can never have Amelia, whose father is a viscount. You’ll read quite a few of the copy/paste scenes from book #2 that includes Amelia and Colin’s past. Now, if someone hadn’t read the book or read it a while back, it’d be ok for them I guess. But I’ve read the series back to back so it was annoying for me. Those scenes took up a big chunk of the book and I had to skip them, which didn’t make me happy. In the end, in a scuffle, Colin was injured and Amelia was saved by Christopher’s men. All these years, Amelia, Pietro and others thought Colin dead... well, except Simon. Simon is playing a big role here as he did in book #2. If you read my review you’ll know how I loathed reading about his ‘parts’ as Maria’s ex-lover (who was still residing with her) and as a spy for the Crown. He works for an agency, a spy network (where most of its spies are from peerage) and was hired by Lord Eddington. He also worked for Maria before this, gleaning information by any means necessary. So, when Colin got well, he approached Simon for Amelia’s whereabouts. Hearing his predicament and despair, Simon offers Colin to work with him. It’ll give him the boost and money to secure Amelia. Colin, though didn’t like this proposition at first, complies when he understood it’d give him enough so that his lesser station in life can be ignored, all for Amelia. So he worked hard for the last 6 years, got a foreign title now as Comte Reynaldo Montoya and loads of money. But before he comes back from Paris (and give up his job for the agency), where he was at the moment, he had to go to this last investigation where he finds one of the agents killing a French man, Laroux. That man, Cartland was already a suspect of many anomalies/killings and so on. Cartland finds out that Colin has seen him so he makes plans to remove him. Colin tells Simon of it all but he’s determined to leave France anyway. Simon assures Colin that he’ll see to the matter. On his way to England, Colin meets a man called Jacques who introduces himself as Laroux’s servant or something like this. He befriends Colin and travels with him to England.

Amelia still mourned Colin, her one true love though she’s unofficially engaged to the Earl of Ware. In book #2, we found them both young when they met close by Amelia’s cottage. I really liked Ware then, a nice boy. I was hoping him to become a gentleman whom I can adore. Sadly, he blasted my pink bubble with his rakish behavior and words. He was still nice with Amelia but I didn’t like his POVs on marriage and fidelity. I’ll come to this later on but first, into the main story. Amelia was fine with her life at the moment when she finds this masked stranger following her in a ball. She is very drawn to him, even though she’s never felt anything like this for anyone but Colin. Not even Ware, who was good looking, rich and titled made such an impact on her. She’s very intrigued by him. She is SO intrigued that she has to do something about it. She looks for him in a 2nd ball, where they finally talk. Amelia doesn’t recognize his voice, only that he’s a stranger. The stranger is apparently very taken with her. They talk about their lost love to each other, which makes Amelia feel very close to him. Ware, of course, found out and wasn’t happy about it. Amelia told him because she was thinking that she’s like her father and selfish enough to only think of her own desires and she desires the Comte quite badly indeed!

I didn’t like this from Amelia because throughout the whole book she kept on whining about her ‘recklessness’ but went and did whatever she liked anyway. Then there was Ware. They talk about marriage and so on after Amelia tells him of her infatuation about the Comte. As Amelia asks him about fidelity, Ware made it very clear to her (nicely of course!) that if he enjoys sex with her, he’ll be faithful. If not, he’ll seek out other women since he really likes sex and won’t give in, not even for a wife (even if it’s Amelia). Oh how fascinating! My grading for Ware went down in that one statement. Then I read about how Ware grew up to be a ladies’ man, with many liaisons and strings of mistresses everywhere. Amelia knew of them of course but she was secured in the bubble that she’s the one he’d marry so she never complained. But I had complains. Love him or not, good friends or not, how could she stand by and watch him shagging various loose women? She still didn’t know about Colin being alive so... I would NEVER know! So, Amelia didn’t have any problem with that above statement as well whereas I felt like taking a broom and chase him with it! I think Ware wanted Amelia to feel something deeper for him, which she never did. I understood it was kinda frustrating for him. But I don’t think he was in love with her either; just saw her in a possessive light since he had been a close friend for such a long time. But this talk did some improvement to their relationship as they dance and make eyes at a ball. This puts Ware on the edge so he goes and f*cks his mistress at night. I loathed reading that scene. I don’t know why SD has to give descriptions about whatever the f*ck they do, puh-leez spare me the gross details! Then he does another thing, which is another of my pet peeves; he talks of Amelia to his mistress like he is planning his next horse ride! SOB!! They discuss how he’d go about seducing/getting Amelia, as this situation is making him edgy. His mistress is delighted because when he’s edgy, he f*cks hard and rough, which will be all to her benefit! They actually laugh about this and then go about doing ‘the primitive lover’ to each-other... *gag* ... Ware, officially ticked off my list. In the rest of the book, wherever he was being oh-so-nice to Amelia and a veritable hypocrite (as in being the possessive fiancé with Colin and Amelia’s relationship), I couldn’t help picturing that scene and gag some more on Ware.

We also revisit Maria and Christopher since Amelia resided with them. Amelia confides in Maria about the mysterious Comte, which makes her a bit worried about Amelia. In between, Simon returns from Paris with a French woman in tow. Colin, when he meets them about the case, finds it off that Simon and the beautiful French lady doesn’t really suit. Lysette Rousseau is very beautiful and yet there is something hard and calculating about her. I have to mention that I adored Lysette. She was always throwing barbs and jibes at Simon, which made him exasperated to say the least. He was also kinda thinking why he, who’s a ladies’ man, doesn’t find himself sexually attracted to Lysette even though she’s one the of most beautiful women he’d ever seen, after Maria of course (ugh... book #2 if anyone interested). You have to read their scenes together; even though there is nothing sexual about their words, they were really good. Now, Simon of course, knows Lysette is an assassin with a dark past. He doesn’t know anything else, I don’t remember how they met but it had something to do with the Cartland/Laroux case. There is this society called The Illuminés or The Enlightened and their members centered in France, who are also involved in this though neither Colin nor Simon knows that this society truly exists and not some myth. There was the mention of another man, someone called Depardue who was working with Cartland. As you know with any spy novel, lots of lies and deception from the French and the English spies were going on throughout the story. No one knows what happened to Lysette in the past but Simon feels an odd sort of sympathy for her. Though her body language says ‘stay away or suffer’ all the time, Simon can’t help helping her out. I enjoyed these two so much that I was hoping that Lysette was Simon’s match in book #4. But I know it’d be someone else... now I’m very interested to read book #4.

In one ball, Jacques follows Amelia for Colin (whom we already know is the mysterious Comte) and she gives him a small portrait of her which is kinda sexy to look at accompanying with a note. Colin goes crazy and yet angry seeing that portrait thinking for whom did she commissioned it. Then they meet in another ball. Amelia wasn’t sure if Montoya would come see her but he does. She can’t help but feel more attracted to him. Finding out how possessive he was about her delights Amelia a lot. She was already thinking of WTH with society and Ware and give herself to Montoya. I did feel the connection; it was good between these two, especially from Colin. They kiss and so on but Colin tells her he’d leave soon because there are dangers attached to him that he would not subject Amelia to. This only makes Amelia determined to have Montoya, somehow, someway. Next, Maria helps her out by going to the exclusive dress shops to investigate about Montoya. On that outing, some stuffs happen. Amelia somehow sees Montoya’s coach and recognizes it. She coaxes Tim (the gruff but nice big man, one of Christopher’s most trusted) to come with her so that she can catch him. Amelia was sure Montoya was leaving London and she can’t let that happen. Maria doesn’t see this. Instead she sees Simon with Lysette in the dress shop she was looking through. One of Christopher’s men who were accompanying them comes to inform Maria of Amelia’s actions which is how Simon and Lysette learn of this matter. Simon knew that this was done intentionally by Colin since Colin was his right hand before he planned to resign his post. Even now, because of the Cartland case, Simon knew of his every move.

Colin was in utter despair of the fact that every move out of London for this case is taking him away from Amelia. But she follows him in the inn he was staying and surprises him. She manipulates Tim to stay downstairs while she meets Montoya. Colin stays in the dark so that she doesn’t see his face. He’s not taking the risk, he’s not ready yet. But talks and touches turns to something more and now they want to make love. Amelia is beyond any help, so is Colin. She thinks maybe Montoya is scarred so he doesn’t want to show his face and Colin doesn’t rectify that wrong notion. It was sexy and yet kinda funny when in the middle of it, Amelia begs him to take her blindfold of so that she can see him. Colin was growling... I was laughing reading that. He somehow got himself off her, gets the mask which he kept as a reminder of her and goes about it again, this time taking Amelia’s blindfold off. Afterwards they did it (was that after another round? Hmmm *scratches her head*), he sends her to her room for not risking a discovery. In the meantime, Simon, Maria and Lysette were also in the same inn, on Simon’s preference. Maria wanted one of the far better inns that are under Christopher’s ownership but she stays here. At dawn, Christopher finds them out, then he and Maria had a vigorous shagging. Lol We also see the interactions between Lysette and Simon. She won’t sleep in the same bed and is scared, no doubt about that. Simon gets the distinct feeling that she was sexually abused in the past and badly. He tries to be nice because it was a cold night and all that but she won’t sleep anywhere near him... or any man for that matter. I loved their conversations and felt for Lysette. I was getting more interested to know what happened to her. She seemed like such a strong woman, with iron nerves but what is this?

Then, the next day arrives... Colin asks Tim to tell Amelia to come down and talk to him. On the other hand, Simon, Lysette, Christopher and Maria were having discussions about this situation. Tim comes in and informs them that he’d recognized the man from the long ago battle they fought for rescuing Amelia from her father’s clutches (in book #2). Maria is shocked, Christopher is not showing anything and Simon makes a guilty face. Lysette is simply amused (oh I adored her! :p). Things weren’t going well between Colin and Amelia in the other corner of the inn. She was angry, hurt and felt rejected by Colin as she did all her life by her callous, selfish father. Colin kept trying to make her understand of the dangers of his profession along with the fact that he wanted to become a somebody in order to ask for her hands but she simply won’t listen to him. Then she gets jealous of the other women Colin most definitely slept with in between and angry, as Colin was afraid she would. There was the mention of one Countess in France at the beginning, who has been his mistress on and off for two years but he left her, just like that... Do you know what Colin’s explanation was to Amelia? He acquired ‘skills’ to make her happy... Whoa there big gypsy... er, man, that was the stupidest explanation if I ever heard one! Anyway, they confront the others and Amelia tells them it’s over between her and Colin. Ware, meanwhile, also joined them (you know, he’s the unofficial fiancé! *snorts*). He asks everyone to retire into one of his estates nearby. When they do, Colin wanted to go back to the inn but Ware argues that it’s safer to be in his heavily guarded estate. When all are settled, Ware and Amelia take a walk together. Amelia is overburdened with guilt, that she’s done what her father would’ve done, to think of his own pleasure (as I mentioned, I was annoyed by this) and also, that she betrayed Ware, who was so nice and a good friend to her. Ware acts as if he’s wounded by Amelia’s actions but he has already asked for satisfaction at dawn from Colin (the possessive unofficial fiancé *rolls eyes*). I simply wanted to kick his hypocritical butt and be done with it! Amelia doesn’t want this duel to take place but Ware explains that it’s only about drawing the 1st blood and not life.

Colin was fuming as he saw Amelia and Ware so cozy with each-other. He was still thinking that Ware is the best choice for Amelia, a reason made Amelia angry when he was explaining things to her back in the inn. While all these were taking place, it was revealed that Jacques was in league with Cartland to betray Colin. Lysette was also sent by the French to kill him (not sure if Simon was on the list) and bring information about Eddington and the agency. We meet Depardue, a disgusting man who likes violence, especially on women. His thoughts about Lysette reveals that he’s the man behind Lysette’s fears and abuses... he probably raped her several times over the years. But it’s been a while he’s seen her and gets hot thinking of having her again. Lord but he gave me shudders! They plan to follow Colin and the others in Ware’s estate and attack. Jacque would make sure Depardue can enter the house. That night, Amelia couldn’t stay away from Colin. He was drinking heavily. When Amelia enters, he was looking at her like some primitive mad man. I loved this scene; I think this love scene depicted the kind of intensity I expected from the whole book. But the spy actions and intrigues distracted me too much. After they make love crazily in the library (with the door open *rolls eyes, again*) they fell asleep. But Colin wakes up a few hours later when his sixth sense warns him of some trouble in the house...

Afterwards, the usual actions, fights and the betrayers were revealed. There were some other developments that connect this book to #4 in the series. 3.5 stars because I expected more from Colin-Amelia’s relationship. I also thought, even though Colin had his reasons, making his loved ones suffer for 6 long years (which includes Pietro, who works for Christopher now) without a word was cruel on his part and just no ok. Other than that, I think I’ve touched why this book doesn’t get a higher rating from me.

Update on 2/6/12: SD has *sort of* given green signal about Ware’s book, which probably will be a full novel. Please say it isn’t so, because I’ll be tempted to read that one and will probably kill myself by gagging on him in his book!!! *gag*