Masks - Evangeline Anderson My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Masks was my 1st try of Evangeline Anderson and I think it was a sweet novella. The problem, if that’s what I can call it, was the character of Zoe who was pretty annoying. Also, it being a novella, I felt things were a bit rushed. Other than that, I liked it and EA’s writing style.

Chloe and Zoe are identical twins. Whereas Chloe is the studious, shy and a bit ‘socially inept’, Zoe is… let’s just say she’s total opposite of her twin. I found her really annoying because when they recall one of their past adventures (or misadventures) where Chloe did a ‘favor’ to Zoe, it gave me the distinct impression that Zoe would use the trusting Chloe to get her way and not really thinking of what would happen to her. Maybe Chloe should’ve stand her ground a bit, which she didn’t then, not even now when Zoe was wheedling her into doing something Chloe would’ve never done in her life. The adventurous Zoe is a female dom who goes by the name of Mistress Sensua (I couldn’t help laughing at the name lol) and works in some local BDSM club. Her parents of course know nothing about it; neither did Chloe up until now, thinking she’s an investment banker. When she asks Chloe to do her a favor, again, she is baffled by Zoe’s admission. This certainly explains her lavish lifestyle in comparison to school teacher Chloe’s one bedroom apartment. Anyway, what Zoe wants Chloe to do is take her place for one evening for a ‘client’ she can’t lose in any way, sporting a twisted ankle. She can’t possibly walk in leather high heeled boots with this, can she? Zoe gives Chloe 3 rules: always take the lead no matter what, no sex and no taking off the mask. While Chloe is still baffled and a bit dazed from all these, Zoe packs her up in her own tight leather dresses and a mask and sends her off to her destination.

When she’s in there, Chloe begins to get a hold of the trouble she’s in. She knows NOTHING about being a dom and the man who came to her a few minutes ago is tall and big; a muscular guy. How on earth she’s going to ‘dominate’ this guy? Thanks to her twin, again, she’s into another mess! The man, Mark, is dressed well but he’s also wearing a mask, which covers most of his face except his piercing blue eyes, his nose and mouth. Anyway, Chloe decides since she’s into it now, there’s no turning back, so she tries to er… take charge, hoping that’s what Zoe would do and asks Mark to ‘assume’ his position!

The 1st scenes of the BDSM play or whatever they were trying to do were kinda funny since neither Mark, nor Chloe knew anything of BDSM lifestyle in that sense. I really liked their talks. Rules are made to be broken and soon Chloe found herself breaking those, at least the first 2 rules and loving it to bits, thanks to Mark. I loved the love scenes. Then came the time when she was willing to give this a try since none of her first dates has ever gone this good. Chloe breaks rule no. 3 and takes off her mask but Mark warns her that she might not like what’s inside his mask… Gotta tell you I wasn’t expecting what Chloe found but I liked how she handled the situation.

But then, trouble begins with a misunderstanding soon enough… Of course everything was solved in the end, and I was smiling, because as I mentioned before, it was sweet. Mark was definitely a sweet guy. 3.75 stars. I would’ve rated it better if I had a few more chapters/pages of their relationship.

“Masks” is a free installment of about 4 chapters. It can still be downloaded free from allromanceebooks.