The Last Hellion - Loretta Chase My reviews are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Vere was first featured in "Lord of Scoundrels", as Dain's childhood friend. These two were two peas in a pod with their debaucheries, well, almost. Needless to say, I wasn't AT ALL impressed by him (sharing whores? YUK!!) in LoS so, was a bit apprehensive about his book. But, wow didn't he won me over! He certainly did, so did the heroine, Lydia. She was GREAT; a 'really' spunky heroine, a spitfire and I quote real because a lot of the times, the heroine is said to be those things but ultimately, they either turn out to be TSTLs or ... let's just say don't fulfill my expectations. I had such fun reading Lydia, especially when she punched Vere on the face! Yah, that's right, no missish slap or tap; a solid punch! The scene of their meeting was thus one hell of a scene. ;) And, then there was the name callings, oh God! LOVED it. Afterwards, they met again and again, Lydia being a female reporter and Vere, who's seen his share of tragedies in life (the prologue was heart wrenching) couldn't seem to get her out of his mind. I was totally for Vere because I kinda understood the sadness that always seem to be a part of his life. Their relationship started as less than friendly but not exactly a foe kind of way. Then Vere helps Lydia with her current assignment and it bloomed to something solid in the process. There is this particular scene in a brothel (yah I know, it was funny and hot ;p), where the villain of "Captives of the Night", Francis the boor, was also featured, (setting wise, CotN takes place after the other three, since the villain dies there). You have to read it, I simply loved that scene. Also, another one was with one of Lydia's friends, a courtesan's house. All I can say, these two had some adventures together, then they marry in a whirlwind and boy oh boy, made my head spin! I seriously loved this book. One of my most favorite LC and I hope others would enjoy it as much as I did. :D FYI: This book also takes place somewhat simultaneously with LoS, as the Dain and Jessica are seen in the later part of the story, as married 6 months or so before. Also, there's a twist about Lydia's parentage that took me by surprise. And, yes, these two made some hot lovin' I loved reading! ;)

These are some random comments:

Just read 1st 2 chps, liked the scenes with Vere and his cousin. Really sad. I didn't find many positive things abt him in LoS so ........

Aaaaaaaaa I'm SO loving Lydia! :p She is just abt what I needed to read these days lolzzzzzz and Vere too, but I still love Lydia much better, despite the fact that I'm never partial to blonde and/or amazonian heroines (obvious cause I'm none :p lolzzz)

Lydia, keep it up! ;)

*sigh* ... Ok, nothing new to add, I'm simply hooked! ... I loved the race, thereafter ... The marriage and the love scenes ... Well, now have to see how Lydia manage the girls' disappearance. And for Vere, I love him lovesick and he's kinda funny too, sometimes reminds me of Leo. And, I love Leo. :p

*sighh* some more. Well, I didn't expect that twist in the end but it was surely quite twisty! lolz Otherwise to surmise LOVED it, both Lydia and Vere. End of another LC series (minus the novella which I forgot to read, wasn't sure if it was the part of this or the Carsington series! :p ... Reading it now BTW)

5 stars without a doubt. :D

PS: Did I mention I loved the nicknames they called each other, specially Vere. I LOVED THOSE!!! hahahahaha :D