Fairest of Them All - Teresa Medeiros My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 3 parts.

This book is one of my most fav Teresa Medeiros medieval. I ADORED this one.

So far, 7/8 chps, I found some parts hilarious, some good and some ... stupid! Ok, I don't dislike Holly. She isn't that vain which is a good thing and 'fair' doesn't always have to be blond, something I appreciated in this book because I expected her to have 'gold spun hair and baby blue eyes' ... well, never mind that. The thing is, this disguise thing isn't working for me ... How can a medieval woman, who is so well-known for her beauty, makes herself 'ugly' with black powder in her teeth and face and ... oh, I don't know, are the people around her blind? Was the disguise that good? Leaves me with questions, a lot of them. And she wants to continue it, if the reviews here say something, she will continue it for a long time! *sigh* Already having doubts about this one.

I like Austyn, as I like any burly, bear of a man. Tall, and big and ... well, hubba!

Let's see how much of this farce I can take.

On the 2nd part now, I'm gobbling it up, loving it so much. It's going fast, I'm hooked ... yada yada yada ... Ok, the disguise was kinda annoying but I liked what happened next ... Really, I lurveeee Austyn. I know some find him brutish, I don't. He's a babe with dark hair and blue eyes and I didn't think he really wants to harm Holly in anyway. He was already in love with Holly, so was Holly with him when it was all revealed and now this misunderstanding ... The consummation, which also made me sigh with a 'oh my!' ;) ... Well, I'm loving their crazy chemistry. The prologue was kinda different, with the mention of the Goddess Rhiannon and one stupid Gavenmore ancestor. Liked it. There are some supernatural stuffs going on in the Caer Gavenmore. There is this environment I'm liking a lot. Eagerly waiting to find out how things bloom between Austyn the huggy manly bear (love the name, thanks to a certain review site) and Holly. :p

*sigh* is all I can say. Loved it til the end. Magical, with flaws and all.

Ah Austyn, babe! Love scenes were amazing, their chemistry and everything in between. The thing is that, whatever I thought about it in the beginning was proven wrong. After the disguise, I was so hooked that I finished it today. Holly was just as beautiful. I am jealous of you girl. :/

The epilogue (1st one I've read in TM's books so far) was really sweet. 6 girls! hahahahaha ... Sho shweet!! I really don't know how to explain it all. I just knew I'd give it a 5 star and it stayed that way. :)