The Devil Wears Plaid - Teresa Medeiros My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 3 parts.

Sorry ladies but it was quite cold around here and I couldn't stop whining about that! :p

Well, the plot is interesting but not new. And as always, anything Scottish me likey. Ah, Jamie! ... I like Emma, wanna see how things go between them. There were funny moments here and there, some of Emma musings about her bridegroom, some between Jamie and his men (lord those conversations! lmao), even some between Emma and Jamie :p ... I did laugh quite a bit. The problem was the cold ... Yah ppl, I live in a warm country, when sudden cold weather arrives here, it sort of kills me. And the description of Scottish environment (not that I didn't know that) and weather made my teeth chatter, literally! I hope Jamie the hunk will keep me warm, hmmm ... *daydreaming*

The pic of the Great GB in Attila is a good thing! ;)

Well, many things have happened, I wont go into details since even though I'm liking it, nothing very unexpected or ... lets just say, I'm too cold at the moment and Jamie isn't warming me well! :/

I liked the funny moments between them and Jamie's group. Ian is another secondary character I know I'm interested in but it won't be going anywhere, meaning he won't have much of his own story! There was this mention of one of Jamie's whores, it could've been more interesting if Emma showed him her 'back' and tortured him for a time but nooooo, in a few chaps she goes and tells him 'ruin me! because if you do that I wont have to marry your gramps and live a cold lonely life after we part' (not the exact quote but sums it all up pretty well). Really absurd! Then the love scene of this novel was one of the weirdest IMO. No, technically it was ok but the dialogues ... Arghh!! I don't know what to say, I found it weird. Overall the scene seemed kinda forced to me. And then happened maybe the most important part (I thought so ...), Emma getting hurt by Jamie's gramp's betrayal. Hmm, but she is doing ok now.

Another intrigue+betrayal is on the way ... I sorta figured it out earlier and stopped there ... Hmmmph! :/

Yah, finished it. Nothing important to add except all went the way it should and Jamie and Emma got their HEA. 3.5 ... I wish it was better, it could've been better. There were too much I could predict, like "Yours Until Dawn" or maybe it's just the mood I've been in ... Who knows! :/

Here he is, the Great GB in "Attila". I did want to think of Jamie just like this but in the end, didn't. Only wish Jamie was as charismatic as GB. For your viewing pleasure only! :p