Thief of Hearts - Teresa Medeiros My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 5 parts.

Just read 2 chps or so. Couldn't read more today, was busy. The basic of the novel I understand, nothing so uncommon but the prologue was very heart wrenching. Let's see how this one goes. :)

I'm not exactly unhappy with this one since I really like TM's writing but I'm not exactly excited about it yet. The plot is good but nothing new, the whole bodyguard thing with the dash of pirates here and there ... Don't know if that makes sense but this is what it's all about.

I find Lucy a bit less fiery than I would like heroines to be but with a father like her, don't know ... I sympathize Lucy, I hate your dad. One has to read to see what he's about, how he cowers, patronizes her, always blaming her mother (I mean really, I wanna kick his bloody arse!!). She lacks the confidence, the fire, don't know if/how she'll change. But, her naivete I find, kinda interesting. I don't know why but I do. She's already in love with Gerard (not the great GB aka Gerard Butler ;p), the bodyguard. I know he is that pirate captain Doom! lolz :p

Now, Gerard is interesting. I wasn't really excited about him as well but his possessiveness and protective attitudes towards Lucy warms my heart. That's when I think they actually need each-other. Lucy needs someone to protect her, shelter her, love/touch her (yes people, that SOB of a father of her is an arrogant boor who thinks this kind of attention to children is unnecessary, I feel this anger every time this guy opens his mouth and berates Lucy, just like Gerard does on her behalf) and Gerard needs someone to love, to cherish and to protect, even if he is an oaf and yet to get this!

Overall, it's nice ... I'm only on chp 12/13 so still a long way to go.

BTW: I would love to see Lucy's friend Sylvie getting a love interest. Although she doesn't have a lot of scenes, I like whatever I read. Don't know Gerard's bro (there's supposed to be one) will be the guy for her ... Hmm, just a thought.

Hmm, few things happened and it's not going the way I thought, which is good because now I'm finding it more intriguing. More abductions, revelations and betrayals ... Lucy and Gerard's banters ... My correct guesses etc. etc. etc. :p

I won't go into details but I hope Lucy becomes a little more fiery (she is already showing signs, I know she may never be what I expected her to be but it's good to see her reacting!). I'm not liking the way Gerard's been treating her now, whatever the reason is, I wanted to kick him for Lucy quite a few times actually. :/

I like Apollo. :)

Hmm ... Now, things are moving pretty fast. Lots of things happened, we found Kevin (the aforementioned blond, green eyed dude), Gerard's bro; a rake of the worst order. Then again, who isn't? :/ Never mind. Lucy and he shared a kiss. He actually kissed her while she was asleep, Gerard saw that ... Jealousy, more misunderstandings and betrayals, more anger ... Mention of whores (Really Lucy? You wouldn't wear the gown thinkin' it belonged to Gerard's whore but when you knew it was actually Kevin's, you wore the gown anyway! What was that?? *rolls eyes*) ... Most of all, they finally did it, after 27 chapters (pheww!). It was worth the wait, loved that scene ... However it started out, it ended marvelously! Gerard is a babe!! ;)

BTW: did I mention that he was celibate for 6 yrs.? There is a reason though ... lolz

Now back to Lucy's SOB of a father, who turned out to be not ... her ... father (thx to her mother's diary), and I had to stop reading there cause I had to close my eyes, otherwise I knew I'll wake up with a headache (no, not because of the novel guys, I just had to :/) ... I hate that man, even hate isn't enough to express what I feel ... Shallow, crass, an arrogant boor ... Just pathetic! :@

I hope Smythe turns out to be her real father, he's shown her more love than that piece of sh*t!!

Finished it last night. Loved the finishing; specially the way Lucy defended Gerard while he was being tried for various accusations, both false and true. I wouldn't have expect any less from her but it was Gerard's attitude towards her kinda pissed me off ... I never thought he'd be so damned confused over stupid things! There are a few things, again, left unresolved. And sadly (for me), Smythe wasn't Lucy's father, no answer to that question. Didn't see a hint of anything between happening Sylvie and Kevin ... Actually Sylvie had no more scenes after Lucy was abducted again by Gerard. Pity! Could've been something sweet and funny between her and Kevin. I was so very disappointed, almost as I was when nothing was resolved between Blaine and Marlys from "Shadows and Lace". I would've given it a 4.5, now it's little less than 4. :(