Heather and Velvet - Teresa Medeiros My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 5 parts.

This book drove me insane. I really really enjoyed butchering the hero; the fact that he was half Scot and I'm a sucker for all things Scottish/Highlander didn't matter. He deserved all that and more, was such a jacka$$ for the better part of the story. Anyway, it was fun in a weird way! :/

Hmm, what do you do when you rescue a highwayman in a stormy night, spend the night with him and help him? You let him kiss you senseless and touch you just a bit! Then when you live your days sighing and pining for that aforementioned very very good looking highwayman, you find out he is the current lover and now fiance of your whore of a aunt (not a distant relative but your own and someone who doesn't treat you very well, who is a money eating harpy and married a hundred times over!), you treat him well and let him become your friend of course!


Awkward, awkward and so ewwwwwww!!!!

God I don't even know what to think. I so wanted to like this one, I'm feeling kinda downside. Poor Prudence! Why oh why girl? Ignore him PLZ!!! Really, what's the point?

I wanted to like Sebastian but I don't know now. I'm on the 9th chp, I knw it's too soon to tell but what is this? I mean I can't take it. First that Devony woman (like thousand others before her), a one night stand (Prudence, she lives near you, how can you stand him or her or your aunt knowing it all??), then his confusion over Prudence while he's screwing her aunt. YUK!! Sorry, I'm kinda pissed off here.

The starting was interesting enough. I thought he'll find her out later on and meet in secret, fall head over hills in love and then ... well, maybe I'm too cliched! The moment I found out that he's thinking of marrying the aunt I went, whaaaaaaaaat?? Then I thought maybe he has some ulterior reasons to woo her, maybe political while he's still into Prudence ... Of course not!!! And then, to know he fantasizes her even though he is marrying the aunt (who is probably thousand years older than him!) for fairly mercenary reasons is just too much! Why can't Prudence just ignore the lout for crying out loud?!?

I thought I'm going to have a pure Scottish hero here but he's part French. I have no issue about that but I just hope I start liking it ... I really do. I love the name Sebastian and I hope he lives up to my standards (however cliched they are!!!)

They all need to go a mental asylum, specially Sebastian, Tricia (the aunt) and Devony ... Prudence needs to be brained with something.

Well, I've lost words here, just skipping through the pages. I'm sad at the demise of a good plot! It could've been, the way it started out. Lord, I even can't stand most of the characters.

What would you do with a hero who thinks his honor and father's castle is so important that even though he realizes he loves the heroine, he offers her (however discreetly) to become his mistress and going on with the plan to marry the aunt? I don't see it as a 'sacrifice', I find it disgusting. I even find it offensive that he is thinking of screwing the aunt and the niece ... well, it's disgusting!!!! Doesn't really show that he cares enough for the heroine (let alone love her), does it?

Oh, Prudence ... I wish you were scared of him not only because you thought he wants to kill you but for something else entirely. Ugh, who am I kidding here?!

The aunt and that Devony are such annoying characters, I wanna slap them every time they open their mouths. And yah, there were times I saw Sebastian suffering and realizing what a mess he has gotten into, I was jumping up and down with glee! Ahemm, not really jumping but close enough. I've never experienced such genuine fun to see a hero suffer thus. *evil grin*

I'm going insane here, trust me or is it just those characters?

Just before part 2 things got pretty interesting, bravo Pru! He deserved what you did to him after his abominable behavior ... I don't even want to discuss the scene that comes with the line 'this changes nothing'! Then through a lot of screaming, shouting, whining, surprises, pity, most of all a lot of anger now it's becoming weird again. What I find most weird is their nonchalance about certain situations (Pru's about Sebastian and the aunt+Devony, about Sebastian in particular and Sebastian's about things he's been doing, so on and so forth), whereas I feel like slapping, braining or kicking something/someone!

And, really, after everything, this is how the first love scene happened? Argggghhhh! Sebastian's sporadic bursts of love is just not my cup of tea. Poor Pru! He isn't worth all these troubles she is finding herself in.

There were two things that did help me not dislike Sebastian entirely, a few scenes with confessions (kind of), acknowledging what a jerk he is (yah, guess that takes a lot of courage or shows the lack of brain!) and his obsession with Pru's hair (among other things, that is).

Other than that, I was hooked for about 5 chaps, now I'm floating through the pages again. :/

PS: I still jump in glee every time I find ... oh well, you know what I mean! :p

Hmm, well, things got interesting again after they married (yes people, Pru and Seb) and now that they are in Dunkirk, Seb's 'castle', I thought maybe I'd start liking Seb and, maybe he'll redeem himself *sigh* ... But NO, think I asked too much of him. Crazy lout! I'm not yet done and I feel like slapping (actually spank :p) Seb hard again but for some of those really amazing scenes with Pru. Don't know. I wish he stayed like that and not act as a moron (again). Arghh!

Pru, I'll be there with you, cheering aloud when you decide to kick his bon-bon off, trust me!!!

Sebastian, you'll never be St. Vincent but you could've been something for me. I love your 'sexiness' but hate you as much for being an a$$!!

Yes people, I'm a drama queen ... Thank you.

Ok, finished it. The ending was quite better than what I hoped for. I was looking forward to the scene where they all come together and find out how Seb's whore aka Pru's aunt takes it ... Hmm, it was kinda funny! I actually laughed despite of the fact that I had no idea what to expect. So, for the ending and for a few other things I loved about the book, I've given it a 3.5 whereas I was confused between 2 and 3 before.

I just wish things went differently ... well, never mind about that!