Once an Angel - Teresa Medeiros My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 4 parts.

This was a good book in all since I enjoyed it quite a lot but you'll see from my review that the heroine was a bit immature, you'll find plenty of examples in the book and at some point might wanna pull her ears for it. The hero was great, I have to give it to him.

Just read the first few chaps, nothing interesting yet to comment on except the fact that somethings about Emily aka Claire is kinda ... I don't know, just odd IMO. The setting in mid 19th century New Zealand is another thing new for me. Hope I'm going to like it and not have to be a drama queen here as well. I'm emotionally exhausted from Seb's torture [note: my review of "Heather and Velvet"] as it is ... Ahemm ... never mind!

Well, I like this one so far. It's odd in some places, the plot seems unreal sometimes leaving me with questions but I love it. I'm loving the emotional angst, whatever I can find. On the 17th chp now, part 2 of the book, both hero and heroine (separately) returned to London from New Zealand.

I love Justin, he's a babe with amber eyes and a brilliant mind. I do have weaknesses for babes who are also geniuses in their own right. I'm tryin' to get an idea of the Maori dresses and stuff that are mentioned in the book. I like this about Ms. Medeiros, she makes me do a little research on my own lolz. :D

Finally, here's a heroine with brown eyes and hair! :p I like Emily too but there are things about her I already said just doesn't add up. A little too immature, although in the early chps it was said that she has this thing about her, looks oddly mature for her age. I'm yet to agree with this statement. I couldn't believe an 18yr old girl still glues people's hair when she is angry with them! And also her stay at the island, I was questioning myself on many things about her living standards.

I loved their chemistry, sexual or otherwise. At first, I thought that without really knowing who she was how come Justin started caring for her that much (calling her endearments and stuff, he's actually fallen in love with her I think) but then I thought, in an island where women is so scarce, if u stumble upon a beautiful, naked young girl ... well, who am I to judge Justin?! ;)

Hmm, now let's see ...

No people, I don't need to be a drama queen for this one[note: my review of "Heather and Velvet"], it is a drama in it's own right! I really don't know how to comment trust me. Only thing is that I'm not bored, as I've mentioned earlier. I love Justin but I'm yet to see some maturity from Emily. Having trouble imagining some of the things she has done so far and how the hell Justin is putting up with all those nonsense God knows. I really do wish she'd show some sense and maturity. Other times she is a feisty one and I love that lot.

Oh my! Loved it. Even if Emily was annoying, I loved it because it was so sweet. The only sign of her maturity was the last part where she chose to act to save Justin. Well, sort of. I thought she's gone in the head again when she confessed it all. Even when his mother asked, "It's the girl, isn't it?", Justin (poor babe!) answered, "Isn't it always?" ... Ah, love!!

Speaking of Justin, I'm yet to recover from that scene in his bedroom, it made me laugh and sigh at the same time lolzzz ... What can I say? He is amazing. I'd do anything (almost!)to hear him singing that interesting (ahemm) song about some Maud of Srewsbury! Whatta song!!! :p

There were funny scenes in the chapter near the end, scenes I loved and adored. Mostly, I loved the way they loved each-other. If only Emily acted a bit matured, it wouldn't feel like poor Justin is cleaning up after her ... 4 stars.