Lady of Conquest - Teresa Medeiros My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 4 parts.

My first Teresa Medeiros novel. Just read 2 chps. The prose style is a bit thick, but if it grows on me, I think I might enjoy. Too early to tell anything. :)

Must say even though it's going slow (for my style), liking it. It's different than the novels I've read so far; there are things, references I don't know and have to look up online to get an idea but I'm liking it so far ... I like Conn, thought I've read Fiannas came from Fionn mac Cumahail or his father, who knows, kinda confused here :s ... There are things abt Gelina defies reality but, well, it's a novel and I'm taking it as it comes lolzzz.

On chp 9 now, it's pretty long. Fingers crossed.

Now onto what, 22nd chaps, so not going slow at all. I mean it became really interesting although the result wasn't how I viewed it would be. I know, I know, Conn is a medieval king and all that but hey Gelina, why didn't you make him suffer a little bit? Lord, I was angry at him myself after the way he rejected you. And 18yrs and 33/34yrs isn't that bad, but as it's a medieval novel and I know nothing of their ways at the moment, I have to give the benefit of doubt. Then again that 'semi-rape' scene ... Arghh!! :@ Makes me wanna think what is actually goin' on between them? :s

Then the next chps were really good, the intensity of their feelings was what I was hoping for but not enough love scene goin' on for me, I would've love to see something more.

And now, really Conn, After all that you two have been through, you think she killed Nimbus (even though you willingly forgave all her other misdeeds, goes to show that you don't trust her at all!)? My god!

Poor Nimbus! I liked him immensely, even though he was annoying sometimes (court jester and all that).

What about Mar-Nod? I would've love to see something more about him as well.

All in all, I'm plainly hooked even though there are times I felt I'm kinda vacillating between scenes or things aren't going the way I would've loved it to go. Let's see ... :)

Oh my, what can I say! Why does this one has such low rating (2/3)??? I liked the crazy couple so much, it took my breath away. lolz Sometimes I wanted to brain Conn, while other times scream "Gelina you idiot" but loved them nonetheless. Ms. Medeiros has a new fan it seems :p lolzzzz

I'm glad I started reading her books.

4 for me. I would've given a solid 5 but for a few minor reasons I've mentioned earlier. :D

[note: my thoughts on why this book should be more than 2 stars.]

I think I now understand why this book's been getting mixed rankings, it is an early Medieval novel (AD 128 or something) people, so look at it that way.

Conn was 'the king', so he could 'take' any woman he wants. And, it's not as if Gelina didn't have any feelings for him, she was already in love with him and in that 'semi-rape' scene she did encourage him to some extent, that's why I called it thus. No, I don't have any cravings for 'rape' scenes or abusive heroes, but their relationship is rather complicated. They are both stubborn and hot blooded and considering how things went in the Medieval periods, I think Conn was amazing in the end. Yet, I also said I wished some things could've been different, one would be seeing Conn grovelling a bit more and the ending could've been improved. But as I said again and again, I take it as it is and loved it because of the way it was, with flaws and all.

Another thing, their age difference; some people didn't even read through enough to get it, saying Conn was old enough to be Gelina's granddad, hello?? I think he was somewhere around 32-34 ('til the end), is that Granddad old?? Puhleez! And, as almost 2 yrs went by til the ending so if Gelina when captured was 16 (mentioned in the book), she was somewhere around 18 and for the medieval time frame, she was old enough I think!

If you didn't like the names and judging for it, you have no respect and love for history (believe me, I read reviews where people made fun of the names!). I loved it, names sounded odd at first but hello, it's Irish. If you find it weird and stuff, don't read novels with Irish background. So goes with the Scottish backgrounds. Both the language and history of these two really fascinates me.

TM's writing is really good, it captivates and makes you form strong opinion. That's all that counts I guess.