Last Night's Scandal - Loretta Chase My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Woo! Mixed reviews and I knew it'd happen. I kinda disliked Olivia in "Lord Perfect", she seemed too grown up for my taste, at the age of 12. But here, well, now that she's 22, she doesn't seem that bad, I actually like her now. Although I see no trace of true maturity, I like her crazy thoughts and insane ideas! Lisle is younger than other heroes I've read, only 24 and endearing, I knew he'd be, the way he was in "Lord Perfect", a gentleman. The plot's crazy and their attraction is inevitable.

I'm glad I'm liking it so far, glad that I'm not 'disliking' Olivia as much as I feared I would, she's being TSTL while she can be really smart ... Still, she makes me laugh. Their banters are hilarious sometimes (the night scene in the inn after the problems with the unknown married couple get sorted, or even when he sees her for the 1st time in 5 yrs. and wonders how she'd 'grown'! :p Unbelievable! lolz)... Guess this is what happens when you fall for someone so close to your age and/or a childhoood friend/sweetheart ... Hoping to get a fun story this time. :)

Ahhh Ladies Cooper and Withcote (Olivia's chaperons!) ... Where to start about them, I wonder! One should read the book only for them, GOD! They made my day lolzzzzzzzz

Now, Olivia and Lisle is on the track, the story got me interested, although I have a clue why these 'ghosts' are appearing, I'm still very much eager to know how things are solved. I'm almost done. It's a light read, yet a good one.

Last but not the least, I really would've love to see something between Bailey and Nichols, that little scene got me really interested. Gosh! Servants should get their happy endings too. :/

Now, the fact of the matter is I was never bored so it's a perfect 4 ;) ... I was very happy for Peregrine (almost forgot his name really, since he was called Lisle all through the book :p) and Olivia. Disappointed that Bailey and Nichols got nothing in the end, I really hoped for something ... Oh well, what can I do? ... Would be glad to read Geoffrey's story, since other books mentioned that he is happily married, so have to see if/when he gets his own book! So who's getting the next book? :/