Lord Perfect  - Loretta Chase My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

When I read the reviews of this one, I kinda didn't want to read it despite the fact that the reviews were very positive. I knew I'll read it anyway but the reason I didn't want to read this one was because of the fact that the heroine, whos a widow, had a 11yrs old daughter. Wait wait, I don't have aversions to such plots, I just didn't know what to think lolz. But, why I'm whining about it is because I'm hooked! Yes I am. I LOVE Benedict as well as Bathsheba. Benedict is the heir to the Hargate title and a widower himself. In the first book, "Miss Wonderful", I read that he was married but his wife passed away sometimes between the two years that have passed in between. Now, the funny part is that these two certainly don't feel 'old' to me! I know it sounds crazy but maybe that's how I felt while I read the reviews. Boy, I love their chemistry! Although they loved their respective deceased spouses in some way or the other, this thing that's growing between them is more intense. I've read upto 11chaps and waiting see what happens next.

If only Olivia, Bathsheba's daughter and Peregrine (Benedict's nephew) didn't sound like 30yrs old instead of 11 and 13 respectively! Remember Percival in "The Lion's Daughter"? These two are even more horrible, I had difficulty believing some of the things they were discussing and thinking about. Other than that... I'm just loving it! :D

Oh, just read the line!

"She stirred, then, coming awake, too. "Rathbourne?" she said in a sleep-clogged voice.
"Yes, that is me, holding your breast. Pray do not wriggle about. I am very comfortable."

Tell me how can I not LOVE them?! :D lmaoooo ... They are just perfect for each other :p ... Love scenes were hot! Really, I'm throughly hooked. :D

Finished it last night. The whole journey to find the two troublesome kids (Olivia certainly was, Peregrine was just doing the 'gentlemanly thing' and in the process, got himself in trouble with her) and watching Bathsheba and Benedict falling in love was so good. I loved it 'til the end, expected no less. 5 stars! ;)

Really I'm scared to read Olivia's story, trust me, all her talks abt the Elusive Uncle, bachelor's Unsettled life and her mother's Condition is just giving me shudders! :/ lolzzz