Your Scandalous Ways - Loretta Chase My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Well, as you'd see from my comments, I loved the hero, James. He was a spy and did all sorts of James Bond stuff to do his job. The books starts with one such scene where he's about to sleep with a woman who is a suspect in his current assignment. And he does, doing the job splendidly. Now, this was supposed to piss me off but somehow, it didn't; maybe because I knew James didn't like doing such stuff, not as a whole. Sometimes you don't get to chose whom you have to sleep with to get some info out and that sounds like .... well, never mind! As far as I can remember, James wanted out and this was supposed to be his last assignment or something like that. He was the son of a nobleman. He was illegitimate (and probably half-Italian, not sure) but since he was the only heir, he was supposed to come into the title very soon. Then he meets the heroine Francesca, a courtesan and somehow related to his case. The setting is mostly in Venice, where James takes up a place opposite to Francesca's. Now, Francesca pissed me off immensely. I hated that in every few lines she'd go and call herself a 'whore' and keep on saying that she 'chose' to be one. Seriously disgusting, I was like 'enough already!' Why she chose to be a courtesan, I didn't like it. It was to piss off her ex-hubby, an Englishman, who was disgusting himself. I thought the whole thing was a pointless mess. Though the love scenes were hot and the story was interesting, because of Francesca, I couldn't enjoy it. And, James was more crazy about her IMO, no idea why. One thing I understood, that they shared this inherent likeness, because of their job/past experiences, which helped them to form something more solid than just another liaison. But, again, I didn't care for Francesca, so 3 stars. I rather liked the secondary romance between one of Francesca's courtesan friends, Giulietta and a young lord smitten with her, Lurenzo. I thought these two are more compatible and wished LC gave me more about their relationship.

Some random thoughts:

I think me likey Mr. Cordier, babe that he is! No, I'm not thinking abt anything else at the moment, not abt your career and how you did 'things' for your job ... I just like YOU!!

I don't know abt Francesca; confused, have mixed feelings abt her. I've read novels with courtesans as heroines before, got no issue if the heroine is one, even loved them but she is just ... I don't know, it's kinda uncomfortable to know that she chose to be one! I don't agree with her way of thinking. Nevertheless, I like Jemmy the babe and I loved the bell tower scence, so H.O.T! *fans herself* ... Alright, the plot is ok, James kinda reminds me of Lucien and he deserves a more exciting plot and a better heroine I think ... Since I'm abt halfway through, have to wait and see how things turn out.

I'm tryin' to think Kim Rossi Stuart as James (minus the curls and muscles, Kim is more on the lanky side but he has the height, a magnificent face with dark hair and a pair of gorgeous blue eyes! *faints*)

I won't say anything, I like the book (only for James) but not hooked in that sense ... Oh Jemmy darling, you do deserved a better story and a far better heroine! :/ I rather like an innocent girl 'bringing a ray of light/hope/sunshine' etc. etc. etc. in a jaded rake's soul/life/universe! Ahemm ... That's why I LOVE Derek and Sara so much and also Lucien and Alice. :)

If only I could stand Francesca a tinsy-winsy bit, it would be 4 ... Instead now it's 3! I'd rather know about Giulietta and Lurenzo, trust me.

Jemmy, sorry babe but don't worry, me still likey you a lot! :p

Then after much thought, including a pic of KRS here. :p