The Lion's Daughter - Loretta Chase My reviews are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 4 parts.

Varian was a rake and a lazy a$$ aristocrat. Esme was a bit insane. There are twists everywhere, from Esme's dad and how he came to be in Albania in the 1st place, married her Albanian mom while he loved an English lady who married his brother (the heir) after he left England and I'm not even in the main story yet! lolz There's an Albanian villain called Ismal, who got me interested in him. Percival was Esme's cousin, the aforemention English lady's son. After he lost both his parents, Percival was with Varian first, then with Esme. The plot was weird but hey, this is LC we're talking about. So, in the end, I ended up liking this book. :p

It is so annoying, when you're reading a series, you just can't put a book down even when you know it might not really be ... good enough! It happens to me all the time. When I first saw the title of this book I thought it might be really interesting. Even reading the reviews couldn't deter me since they are quite mixed. Well, to tell u the truth I can't abide nutcase heroines like Esme who is always on to 'save the world/or the family' with some insane plot and fickle I-Like-To-Act-Alpha heroes like Varian, who is also whiny (despite the fact Varian is a hot name and I lurrvve men with dark hair and gray eyes ... think Royce... Damien... Lucien ... gawd!!) ... Also, fantasizing a heroine who looks like a kid of 12/13?? Yuk! ... Well, maybe those negetive reviews are gaining a hand in my judgement and I've only read upto Chp 6 so I'll try keep an open mind!

Hmm, it's such a bumpy ride! When I think I might actually start liking the book, there goes Esme again with her lunatic plans! :s

I'm kinda confused abt Varian, he certainly cares abt Esme. It's crazy lolz! There were some definite funny moments, some dialogues were quite funny, maybe not like "The English Witch" or "Isabella" bt funny nonetheless.

Oh, yes, I was talking abt dark haired, gray eyed sexy babes ... I missed Sir Ross ... Yum! :p

Still bumpy. There are places here and there I'm liking it, even between all those lunacies by the h/h. It's fun to see Varian acting like a lovesick puppy lolz. I'm not entirely bored, unless it's Percival (he's 12, you sure?? :s) and some stuffs abt Albania! :/

Ok ok, even after everything, whiny Varian and insane Esme did steal my heart! I'll give it a 4 stars because of Ms. Chase's writing style and pulling an weird plot through nicely. :)