Viscount Vagabond - Loretta Chase My reviews are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Loving the first few pages, so damned funny!! :p Max is so HOT (have always been in love with that particular name!) :D

Ok more than halfway through and there is something going on between the two, still a bit slow for me. I do find Max hot but I'd probably think a 1000 times if I wanna have a relationship with him, so can't blame Cat. Basil was far more 'on the target', if I might say so and Alexandra was definitely more fun to read. Well, lets see...

Why did she have to write the scenes after a love scene (without narrating what happened during!)? grrr! It feels ... well ... never mind! Loved the book. :p

Verdict: It was a clean romance, light read with funny moments. Catherine was running away from an unwanted marriage when she, in a twist of fate, lands into a bordello and was forced to dress like a whore. The starting scene was funny, as Cat met the man, whom she was supposed to 'entertain'; a very Godlike creature, with good looks and so on. Viscount Rand or Max was just going back home from months of drunken debauchery when this last 'peccadillo' lands him with an unwanted guest in his lodgings. He doesn't know what to think of Catherine, since he was drunk when he went in the brothel. And, bought her from the Madame for twenty pounds because she asked him to rescue her. Anyway, from there the story progresses and the h/h fall in love. Max is a rake, so I wasn't very impressed by him at first but I remember ending up liking him. He had the time of his life to convince Catherine because of this. In the end, I wanted steamy scenes between the two. Anyway, I enjoyed the book so 4 stars.