The English Witch - Loretta Chase My reviews are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Ok, halfway through ... I LOVE Alexandra, she is really spunky! Loving Basil as well, let's see what he does in the end ... My only "sighing point" is that there is no love scene in this novel like the first one! :/

Argghh! What wouldn't I give to read a love scene with Basil and Alexandra ... Lord I didn't want it to finish! They are perfect for each other in their own cute yet wicked way lolz ... Sweet and sassy! :D

Verdict: I REALLY loved this one, Basil though was a bad boy-type in the first book, he did really well in this one. Alexandra was a spunky thing I enjoyed reading. The story mostly takes place in Albania. Alexandra's dad was there on some work (excavation or something), so was Alexandra with him. When they were about to get back to England, Alexandra was kidnapped by an Albanian prince or something who was totally smitten with her, since everyone called her 'the English Witch', for her beauty and charm. That guy just wanted to 'possess' her, nothing else. Basil is there and Alexandra's father contacts him, sorry but I'm not sure about this part. Anyway, Basil gets the job of rescuing her. That's what he does and in the process of that adventurous rescue, they fall in love. Oh, there's a fiance too, one of Alexandra's father's assistants/students. Sadly, that guy was just too bland for her own sparkling beauty and vivaciousness. He never even showed a bit of an interest in her. On the other hand, Basil is a charming scoundrel, just swept Alexandra off her feet.

Oh I did love these two and as usual, wanted love scenes but even without them, 5 stars, just because the whole book was fun. :D