Isabella - Loretta Chase I didn't do a detailed review of this book but I remember it being a light read, without any sex scenes. Something you'd wanna read to pass some good times on a boring afternoon. Earl of Hartleigh's 7 yr old niece, Lucy goes missing, which leads the Earl, Edward to Isabella, our heroine. Isabella isn't a conventional beauty, rather a spinster despite her nice little fortune and so on. There are twists, as Basil, the earl's cousin, makes trouble for them. Also, a twist about Isabella's parentage revealed later in the story. The earl falls for Isabella in all these, so does she and they get married. The next book in the series is about Basil, the 'villainous' cousin.

I wanted some hot scenes along with more in-depth exploration of Isabella and Edward's relationship because both of them were likable IMO. I remember a few funny moments, too. My first book by Loretta Chase. I began liking her writing style and got interested in her other books. 4 stars. :)