The Year of Living Scandalously - Julia London My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 3 parts.

I thought Declan would get his book as another in Scandalous series, since he was Nathan, Jack and Grayson's friend. But, it seems like it's a new series!

Really Declan! Taproom maid, scullary maid????!! Argghhhh *shudder* ... I mean I know things are like that but I hell don't like to know about it so ... straight on the face! I mean I like you, I might like you a lottttt more yet. You're hot but your choice in female companion is just so yukky for my delicate sensibilities! I was so glad you had that disaster, you deserved it! I remember a scene like that from "Highlander in Love" and I felt the same about Payton. *gag*

Keira is still kinda vacillating too much... just can't feel anything abt her yet, she's confusing. Sometimes I like her, sometimes she's just bleh! :/ Oh, plz don't fall so readily for him, c'mon, give him some hell. I know I would! Then again, I'm only about halfway through so ... ;)

Hmm ok, I'm kinda liking it now, loved the 1st love scene, just because the fact that their affection for each other was very genuine and honest ... simple yet beautiful. I'd still want some more intensity. It could've been I think, more intense. Anyway, I think we have to wait til 2012 for the next 2 installments, which is really sad. I'll be old and doddering by then, ehmmm, sorry got a bit carried away! lolz

*sniff sniff* ... OK, I didn't want it to end, despite Declan's imbecilic questions and attitude, guess when you're in love you act like that! *sigh*. 4 stars. 2012 seems so far away!! :/