Tempted by His Kiss

Tempted by His Kiss - Tracy Anne Warren My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 3 parts.

Must say I'm loving this one so much that already read 8 chps. So much more enjoyable that I was hooked from the very first page. I so love Cade, felt so much for him that just wanna drag him outta book and give him a tight hug and lots of kisses! :( I have a thing for scarred/tortured heroes, ex-soldiers with PTSD theme and this one's proving to be quite good. Another book I really really loved was Lord of Ice, I adored Damien so much. I only hope this one is almost as good as Lord of Ice. The heroine, Meg, is very warm, nice and sensible, someone matured enough to handle Cade IMO. Fingers crossed. :)

So, now it's going a bit slow. Mainly because they're (Cade and Meg) acting like some confused children. Why on earth Meg wanna put herself in jeopardy by trying to 'glean information' from a snake like Everett? The whole thing was stupid since Meg seemed like a smart girl in the beginning. And Cade, tell me if you aren't planning to marry her then why oh why make love to her (more than once if I might add)? I mean, I thought you're smarter than this Cade! If you want her so badly, why not simply marry her! I really liked you, I understand why Meg consented since she already is in love with you but you knew better. Didn't you think her husband (as you so wanna marry her off to someone else, then again can't stand the idea of someone else touching her, grr) would want her to be a virgin? Ugh!! This part of their relationship, it's like they're not taking it very seriously, with which I just couldn't agree.

1st 10 chp was very good. Now, won't say it's as bad as some other books but they are confusing me with their activities. I keep rolling my eyes and tsk tsking myself more and more throughout the book.

Another thing caught my attention, Cade's birthday. Funny but mine is 27th Jan whereas Cade's is 28th. I actually smiled a little when I read it. :p

PS: They are 8 siblings? Man, last two Bridgerton books weren't upto the mark. I can only hope this doesn't happen to the Byrons.

I do agree when one review here said that the villain was smarter than the h/h, seeing the way they played right into his trap lolz. I don't know, I certainly hoped for more twists and turns, more emotional angst. It started out nice as I already said, I loved about 1st 10 chps of the book. Then all their supposed confusions over this and that and all the other plain, simple things just ... it killed the fun, at least quite a bit.

I saw no more of Cade's PTSD, not certainly after they started making love, no resolve there. So, don't know where it went, how it went away so quickly! I would've love to see Meg doing something about it. And speaking of Meg, don't know how she became so stupid (in her own words mind you!). I mean I wasn't that annoyed but the fun/the anticipation that I felt at first wasn't there anymore.

Still, I'm giving it a 4, plainly because I liked the book quite a bit even after everything and looking forward to Cade's other siblings' stories. :)