Master of Desire - Kinley MacGregor My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 2 parts.

Without a doubt, I like Draven because I have this thing for tortured heroes and Draven is just that, scarred not only inside but outside as well. I just wanna bring him outta this book and kiss him senseless. His past life; his father, a loathsome man and the way he treated Draven to be a worrier and not a human being, oh, it was hard to read. Though initially, it took a little time for me to get into the book, this one's is proving to be an interesting one.

The heroine, Emily's father Hugh and Draven's family have a long standing feud. King Henry II, becoming annoyed with it, asked Draven to take Emily to his home as his ward and keep her for a yr so that Hugh wouldn't attack his people. In return, Draven has to take an oath on his honor (something he values the most) that he'll keep Emily safe in every way. Hugh, of course, is very possessive about his daughters, there is a reason but Emily doesn't wanna live her life in solitude anymore. One of her sisters is a nun, another is getting married so she wants her own family, too. When she met Draven, the Earl of Ravenswood, she decided this is the man she wants and have to say, I really loved it. Though, this was based on her plan to get a husband somehow, she soon finds she's crazy about him. His mysterious past, his good looks (I can almost believe he's got the most beautiful blue eyes), reserved demeanor and his glorious history in battlefields and Emily, thanks to her dad, have never been around a man like Draven, ever! So, even though leaving her longtime home was a heartbreak, Emily's looking forward to the new possibilities life has suddenly presented her with.

And, as I've already mentioned, Draven's past won't let him long for anything of his own. He believes he's cursed (yet to learn more about it) and he's a warrior through and through. Warriors only fight and kill, they don't yearn for fair, beautiful women; specially not one as sweet and kind as Emily! Man, I feel so much for him. Daven's constantly hard after seeing her and begins living on that state after knowing her better. He's not the type to screw around, and now he wants none other than Emily. He reasons to himself with various logic to why this might be happening to him but the truth is, Emily makes him dream of a better life and he can't deny that no matter what. I can almost feel that yearning off the book! In his musing, it comes back now and again that he's never experienced things (and there are plenty of those) that Emily makes him feel/see.

And, after getting to know more about Draven from Simon (his half-brother), Emily is determined more than ever to win Draven for herself. She knows he needs her as she needs him. I like that a lot! And, I like Emily too. She's not a vapid miss. Even though she lived a sheltered life she's already 22 (again, thanks to her dad) and has some ideas of the colorful sides of life (thanks to her maid Alys and sister Joanne).

Now they're in Lord Orrick's castle, where Draven is sent by Henry to look into the man's accounts. Orrick is Hugh's friend and his 2nd wife Christina used to live with Emily and almost like a sister to her. Emily is happy to be here. I liked Draven's thoughtfulness regarding Orrick's financial matter. Draven and Emily's jaunt to the fair was a beautiful experience, it was a chance for both of them to know each-other well. A day none of them would ever forget.

Then, with Christina and Simon's help, she's planning to win Draven over. Simon, whom I've really liked so far, wants this match because he sincerely cares for his brother. Draven returns it in his gruff and surly way but there's no doubt that he loves his brother the same. Apart from Simon, there are other secondary characters I liked. I loved Emily and Draven's first meeting, Draven's erotic dreams regarding her and Emily being concerned about his battle scars and wounds. Lastly, I loved the scene where I've left off for now, as Emily very straightforwardly tells Draven that she wants him as her husband. Can't wait to find out more! :)

Ohh, loved this book. Emily was such fun to read! Every time she talked about how she's going to make Draven her own and the things she did in the process of doing that were so funny, can't explain! After she made up her mind, things started to pick up and I ended up reading a fun book, which is also full of emotional roller coaster.

I already talked about Draven. Can't help but love this man. It was so nice to see a hero, who was tortured but for a change, didn't screw around and the heroine had to do all the chase to seduce him; not because they weren't attracted to each-other but because of his sad and really depressing past. I felt so sad for him. Draven is just so adorable, even when he's being grumpy and what man walks naked through the enemy camp to prove his love, knowing he's going to die either by the hands of the father or the King for breaking his oath (by making love to Emily; he swore he won't touch her either by anger or by lust)? Yah, our Draven did. I so loved the ending and the poor guy was taking so much both bodily and emotionally, at one point I ended up saying, OMG, how can he endure so much pain? :( But, of course, it all payed off since Emily was so crazy in love with him and I had no problem with that fact since they did belong to each-other, needed one another like no other.

Emily was wonderful, too! I simply adored her perseverance, even when Draven tried everything to ignore her knowing the curse of the family won't let him be happy. I adored that she took all the blame on herself when King Henry asked her about the father of her child. I was a tad annoyed that she left him when her father came to retrieve her but I understood the situation. She just wanted to help and not start a war (and those two did want war!) but sadly, ended up hurting Draven. Oh, poor babe! But, of course I never doubted Emily's feelings for Draven. It was just too clear to see how crazy she was for him! And, Draven too.

The twist of the book, the villain and all that, I kinda guessed who did it and why but it wasn't very important for me. I vastly enjoyed Emily and Draven's rapport and the making of a beautiful relationship. Loved the way things were solved in the end and Hugh asking Draven to call him 'father'. And the epilogue was marvelous, too. 6 rambunctious boys and a very happy, smiling Draven (who never smiled before Emily came and made it a challenge for herself to make him smile); what's not to love in it!

A very happy 4 star. :D