My Irresistible Earl - Gaelen Foley My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 2 parts.

Have to say, so far, I'm quite happy about this one. I've been hooked since the 1st chapter. Jordan proved to be one sexy hunk (to my 'not being interested' in him earlier *my review of My Wicked Marquess*, lolz, I thought he'd be kinda bland ... silly me!). I really like Mara and her toddler Thomas. This child kinda stole my heart without doing anything. Well, I love kids and Thomas is just adorable. :)

So, Jordan and Mara had a history 12yrs ago. They met in a country house-party and kinda fell in love there. Jordan was on the verge of taking his first mission as an Order agent and Mara was living a miserable life with really horrible parents, specially her mom (seriously, what kinda mom is she? :@). One day Jordan happened to 'rescue' her from her mom and they formed a really easy-going relationship. But, sadly, it went nowhere since Jordan saw his duty towards the Order more important than Mara, even though he loved her...

12yrs later, they meet again, almost suddenly. Mara is now widowed, lived a 9yr of miserable married life, whose only saving grace is Thomas, her 2yrs old. Mara is quite happy about this life, being independent. She doesn't want anything to do with men ever. Her friend and one high-society hussy Delilah (she's quite the thing, vain and self-centered, totally opposite to Mara. I'm not really sure how they even manage to form a friendship!) spotted Jordan in an auction, where she was with Mara. Delilah had no idea about their history together. And so it began.

Jordan's on another mission now, you know, a part of the ongoing one (from My Wicked Marquess and My Dangerous Duke). But, he's a guy anyone would love. He's the sensible one in the team, always were. Unlike Max and Rohan, he likes to be in the society, at least he used to like it. But, working as an agent took it's toll and Jordan's life been estranged somewhat from the society. He feels alone and out of place. So, when Jordan saw Mara, he wanted no part of her.

Actually, they hated each-other at this point because their thoughts on each-other were gravely misleading. Jordan thought Mara didn't wait for him, married some viscount in a yr after he left. And Mara, of course, thought Jordan felt nothing for her, left her when she needed him the most. He didn't even write to her and she was forced to marry that viscount just to save herself from her horrid family.

All these are narrated over the course of the story. Mara is rumored to be Prinny's mistress because of her close relationship with the Regent, which isn't true. Prinny was her husband's good friend and is her child's godfather. She's very devoted to him because he helped her keep her son when the viscount's family tried to take him away. So, at some point, she is attacked by the mob on the street for that rumor and Jordan saves her and her kid. This incident helped them sort out their differences. Also, the Order has a mission for Jordan, which includes Albert the dandy and needed Mara's help. So they devised a plan ... Jordan and Mara are now lovers but for Jordan, it's not only about the mission, he wants Mara back in his life but not sure what she wants. He feels guilty about not telling her the truth. On the other hand, Mara knows nothing about Jordan's secret life, she's in seventh heaven and of course, ever in love with Jordan but scared either way because she's also unsure of what to do.

Lord, have to see what happens next ... :D

PS: I loved how Jordan was with Thomas, really sweet. Also, Jordan and Mara's relationship is wonderful to read. There's more about Drake, who's saved and ran away again, his story is a subplot. Got to know more about the 'violet eyed' girl, Emily, who loves Drake but knows, being a gamekeeper's daughter, she'd never be with him. Also, confused about Drake's eye-color (don't laugh!). It was bright blue in My Dangerous Duke, now it's coal black. Oh, why oh why the authors do that? I've seen it before in some other author's book and I hate it! Overall, since Gaelen Foley is still setting up plots for the next books, it's a lot to take in...

Wow, really. Last few chapters were so good, I wanted to throw my hands up in frustration ... yah, I didn't want it to finish and the fact that I have to wait for a yr for the next installments. :( The book was intense, heartwarming and heart wrenching. I found glimpses of old Gaelen Foley in many places. Seriously, at the beginning, even though it was a better read than the other two, I doubted it'd be anything that intense but it was. Lots of adventure, things are heating up with the Council and the Order.

So, lots of twists and turns, a killer on the lose (seen him in My Wicked Marquess and My Dangerous Duke), Drake's 'joining' the Council again (with Falkirk), Mara and Jordan's falling-out, the revelation about Virgil and Niall's relationship, the killer abducting Thomas ... then things became really good. I have to say, enjoyed it much and yah, last 3 chapters made me cry. I couldn't help it.

Loved Jordan, I've already mentioned how he turned up (sexy hunk extraordinaire, loved all the love scenes in this book, which includes one carriage and yes, Prinny's own library hihihihi :p) in my other comment. He was a gentleman 'til the end. Mara wasn't stupid so even though they had the slight misunderstanding concerning his work, ultimately she didn't give up on him. I applauded that she didn't leave him after Jordan saved Thomas from that killer and went after him when he was pursuing the man. She had to, really. Even when the killer was blackmailing her for a certain list, she had to think of her son, though her love could've gotten killed for that ... I mean, really, what do you do in a situation like this? She's a mother and chose to save her son. It was really tough, I felt so sad for her. Son or the love of her life, both life in danger. Can anyone make a choice here?

The honest thing is that, the last few chapters were perfect, I was gobbling them up, couldn't put it down. And then, when the killer was killed, Jordan knew he's gravely injured, might not live ... Oh, what a heartbreaking scene that was! :(

Anyways, again, I loved Thomas, such a cutie pie. In the ending chapter, his mischief with Jordan and the rest of the Order team was a joy to read. Very very sweet. I'm happily giving it a 4.25. :D

PS: for the next installments:

1) Already know Drake is with the Council now, the party which want to throw the current leader out. Although he isn't quite ok from his ordeal, Drake has a plan it seems.

2) Emily has followed him to the continent. Drake can feel it with his instincts.

3) Viscount Beauchamp aka Beau's given name is Sebastian and he doesn't like if anyone calls him by that. Another Seb? Hmmm, hope he can keep up! lolz He's a bit younger than the other members. Still unsure about him.

4) I wish Niall would turn out to be different. Well, I know it won't be that but I have a serious urge to see him redeemed. No idea why. :/