Return of the Warrior - Kinley MacGregor My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 2 parts.

For some reasons, I'm not liking Christian as a hero. And, yes, the story is dragging quite a bit. I'm at chapter 10 and it's still not picking up pace. Frustrating in one word!

I read in A Dark Champion

The Widowmaker is Stryder of Blackmoor, book A Dark Champion

The Scot is ... ???

The Sorcerer/El Sahaar is Nassir, a Saracen man, no books yet.

Then there are two other additional men:

The Pagan is ... Still not sure, he was first featured in Taming the Scotsman.

The Phantom is Velizarii, another Prince of Elgedera and cousin to Christian, no books yet.

Another character, an assassin:

The Scorpion is ... Damien St. Cyr???, first featured in [b:A Dark Champion|749415|A Dark Champion (Brotherhood/MacAllister, #6)|Kinley MacGregor||142459].