Some Like It Wicked - Teresa Medeiros My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 3 parts.

Hmm, the story is not uncommon but good. Simon is the kind of hero really grates on me, too rakish heroes often do. I don't care that he was a bastard and all that. Just what kinda people waste their live in such a pathetic way? In these circumstances, the only thing I keep thinking is the various kinds of diseases, not a very pleasant thought at all.

The very 1st scene, although I knew about it from the reviews, was still every bit awkward IMO. Couldn't help it. I'm not one of those girls who after discovering her cousin in flagrante delicto with a rake would start fantasizing about the guy immediately after it was foiled. But, Catriona was quite young and young girls tend to do that. Why she kept that infatuation alive for 5 yrs even after knowing he is a scoundrel of the 1st order is beyond my imagination.

Some of the scenes are funny, I liked that Simon remembered Catriona after all those years (and, women!). But they both are dumb enough for playing in such a stupid plot constructed by Catriona herself to save her big bro Connor and clan Kincaid.

Alice, the cousin, made me feel like slapping her. She is so damned irritating and every bit as vain, self-centered and malicious.

They are on their way to Gretna Green now. What I wanna see is Catriona snapping Simon a bit more (he doesn't deserve anything less!). And, Simon needs to convince me that he's worth my attentions! lolz

Marriage and a very bumpy ride ... It's all what's been happening so far. They're still looking for Cartiona's bro, which is where I was nodding off last night.

Apart from some of the randomly funny scenes (ie: the scene in the tavern room, which involves another married couple :p, lmaooo), have to say, I'm still not wowed by it. I usually get very disturbed when heroines forgive/ignore/try to ignore 'the deeds' of the too rakish heroes such as Simon, maybe that's why. I want good, snapping banters that are dripping with sarcasm from the heroine, specially if the hero deserves it. Here, I find almost nothing of the sort.

Well, Catriona thought she was in love with Simon all those 5 yrs? Really? But, she was disillusioned soon enough for upon discovering her little 'treasure box', Simon informed her of some of the facts about his supposed 'heroism' in the war. Then she had an accident and Simon had a scare of a lifetime, thinking she died and now, he's trying to become the man she thought him to be all those yrs. I know that Simon feels something for her and trying to fight it since he's a moron of the 1st order as well. Ahh, never mind. Still, have to say it's quite sweet but have a long way to go yet and see if he keeps it up.

Yah, finished. It was good, very good stuffs and emotional moments here and there but not overall. I agree with the reviews when they say that Simon hasn't exactly proven himself, he got everything too easily since Catriona was already in love with him. It kills a lot of the fun IMO. He never had to fight or grovel hard for anything, even for Catriona's affections. The villain was also foiled too easily, just with a letter from his dad! But, what annoyed me the most was he never quite repented for his debauched ways and I do have a problem with that! These types of heroes never earn much respect from me. When the scene where he makes a little fool of himself in front of a ball full of people, I should've been moved, I suppose I was almost ... but it didn't grab me the way I expected it to. So, I didn't think it was wrong for Catriona to walk away. In the end, well, we knew she'd go back to him and have their HEA. I still believe it could've been a great story! A 3.5.

PS: I hope Ms. Medeiros's future books will feature some other animals than cats! At this point, I don't know, it's becoming very weird for me! Plz don't get me wrong for I do enjoy animals in a story, sometimes they play such important parts, I can speak of Lisa Kleypas's The Hathaways series. But, when you keep on reading about the same thing, over and over again, even in different novels by the same author ... I really really do not mean to be rude but I had to say it ... Honestly! Plz.