One Night Of Scandal - Teresa Medeiros My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 3 parts.

This book was a great improvement, at least the heroine Lottie, who was nothing less than insane in the first book of this series.

I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by Lottie's book. It is proving to be quite interesting and so far (even though her stupidity made her the 'victim') I'm hooked. I didn't expect it to be likeable, given what a psycho she was as a child. In fact I was kinda scared but it seems she has redeemed (read: 'matured') herself quite a bit.

Hayden is a nice hero but just a bit too distant. His daughter is a bit of a mess! I hate Lord Edward, for obvious reasons as well as making fun of his treachery and also, Hayden. I'd like to know what kind of a best friend does such disgusting thing? How can Hayden stand him for God's sakes?? I'm very interested to know what actually happened to his first wife. And also, how Lottie handles all these, including Hayden's daughter.

First things first, I was wrong about Edward (sorry Ned!). It wasn't him but the other friend Phillipe, whom I later learned was killed, possibly by Hayden. Can't blame him at all, what that guy did was so damned disgusting... I was saddened to know some of the truths about Justine (Hayden's 1st wife). She had her own problems. They were very much in love and young when they married (he 21, she 17). I heartily sympathize Lottie, I know you wanna become the only one for Hayden. It has got to be difficult and not feel like an outsider in such a situation, having a feeling that you're intruding somehow. I do feel for you and have to say I'm pleasantly surprised (yah, again) to find you matured well and taking steps with care. I also liked the way you handled Allegra, the girl already adores you. Now, if only that oaf of a man would realize that he needs you more than anything.

Will there be anything with Ned and Harriet, Lottie's plain, plump, dimwitted friend? At first I thought it might be George, Lottie and Laura's bro but that's not gonna happen I think. Harriet most likely won't have anything like HEA.

Also learned, Sterling and Laura have 2 kids, a boy and a girl and Diana and Thane have twins, gender unknown (might I have, somehow, missed it in the beginning??). :s

Let's see what happens next ... :)

WoW! Must say I loooved it, such a tearjerker! I have been pleasantly surprised (again and again) by Lottie. This book was so so much better than Laura's one. Also loved the revisiting older characters throughout the books, the part they played, their kids.

I didn't find Allegra creepy (some reviews I read called her that), because I've read about creepier kids. She was just a very confused child with a sad childhood.

I did cry a lot in the end. Hayden stole my heart entirely. Some also said that Hayden and Lottie didn't communicate enough. I completely disagree. There were such moments at first but they did communicate when it mattered the most.

I loved the aura of supernatural about the book, which leads the readers to draw their own conclusion since it was never really known if Oakwylde manor was actually haunted by Justine. But, there were scenes, might be Lottie's imagination ... Might be something else ... who knows. It was good.

Only thing a bit odd was Lottie's writing a book and it becoming to sensation practically overnight. It was just too predictable. But it did play a vital role in their relationship and I loved that Lottie tried her best to put all the dubious gossips about Hayden to rest, to give Allegra a childhood and life she deserves and also, to prove her love for him. I, also, was a bit frustrated that Hayden just didn't do anything after he sent Lottie home, in that time Lottie wrote the book and published it. It took a book to convince him? *rolls eyes* But, other things were so good, I overlooked this sorta lapses.

In the end, there was another mistake. I don't know how it happened, reviews also mentioned it. It was Allegra's full name ... I hope there is an explanation somewhere for I can't believe it was some sorta silly mistake. Also, no mention of a kid from Lottie and Hayden (epilogue takes place 6 yrs after the actual story). I, for one, would've love to know if they had any. A solid 4.5 but for a few minor things.